Indian govt bans Use of Colistin which is mainly used in Poultry farm

The poultry farms in India are using a large quantities of chemicals on the chickens. Antibiotics are widely used to help the chickens grow faster and gain weight sooner. Chickens are injected with antibiotics when they are young. Various antibiotics such as oxy-tetracycline, chloro tetracycline, cipro falcin, neomycin, amino glycoside etc. are used to maintain the weight of the chicken. Although the use of these antibiotics is prohibited in poultry firm of other countries, but it is widely used in India. According to WHO, these antibiotics are very harmful to humans. So the Indian government applied a ban on the use of colistin on the poultry chickens . Using such antibiotics by the farm owners is a punishable offence and can result in serve legal harrassments and even cancellation of the farm’s license. As India is prone to diseases caused by the usage of colistin over the chickens. This ban may cause a deep effect on the health of the chicken and wealth of the owners. Banning such an antibiotic by the government is warmly welcomed by the common people.Health ministry gave a major look after over this matter.

It is reported that antibiotics can directly be attacked people who eat chicken. At the same time, those who consume fish or vegetarian food also have toxic antibiotics in their body. Because the poultry farm brings chicken feces, and uses themb as fish food and vegetable fertilizer in the pond. In India it is one of the most common cases of tuberculosis in the world due to these antibiotics. Not only this, the most prevalent cases of multituberculosis are happening in India. Even deadly diseases like cancer have spread all over India. One such antibiotic used in poultryform is colistin. According to reports, the Government of India has banned the use of colistin due to this. By using Section 26A, the government banned the usage of harmful colistin on chickens The Health Ministry of India has banned Colistin in the Animal and Food Industry.

Many people have a misconception that eating meat can only way to be strong and vegetarians are weak. Although in reality in a tropical country like India, vegetarian diet is better than meat. On the other hand, meat is much better in the winter country. Due to the misconception, people of India currently consume large quantities of chicken and other meat. Chicken is one of those foods that weakens the human body from the inside also.

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