A big news came from the Pakistani border of Jammu and Kashmir. Yesterday morning, Pakistani army attacked Rajouri Naushera sector. The Pakistan Army also had the elite force SSG commanders among them. Pakistan invaded India’s border in violation of siege fire. Sandip Thapa, an Indian soldier, was sacrificed as a result of the invasion of Pakistan. The Indian army then returned to action mode. The Indian army retaliated and a Pakistani post was blown up.

News has come out that 12 Pakistan soldiers have been eliminated during the Indian Army’s operation. Not only this, Pakistan’s SSG commander Ahmed Khan has also died in India’s proceedings. Ahmed Khan was the man who attacked the Indian wing commander. Subedar Ahmed Khan was an old commando specializing in Pakistani BAT teams. Ahmed Khan was also an expert on the border operations. The Indian army destroyed this special commando in Pakistan.

India had made an air strike in Pakistan over the Pulwama attack. Then Pakistan tried to get their air craft into India. Wing commander Abhinandan on his flight, entered Pakistan. After that, the Unat plane crashed and flew to Pakistan. There, the Pakistani army arrested him and used inhumane tactics. Ahmed Khan was at the root of this inhuman behaviour. Indian army kills Ahmed Khan. Indo-Pak tensions have intensified once more since lifting Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Now the Indian Army is in action. Security Minister Rajnath Singh says India can decide on changing its nuclear power policy.

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