India stands firm for the cause of farmers and fishermen, with both the poor and businessmen: Piyush Goyal at WTO

Many positive decisions expected in WTO meeting

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According to sources, many issues related to the World Food Program, e-commerce and fishing can be decided in this meeting. Which will help the most affected in these areas after the impact of Kovid.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal has expressed hope that the WTO (WTOPositive decisions will be taken on many important issues in the ongoing ministerial conference. Union Minister of Commerce and Industry at the ongoing 12th Ministerial Conference in Geneva Piyush Goyal ,Piyush Goyal) said that for the first time after nearly 7 years, we have taken many important decisions and discussions are going on on some issues which are expected to be decided soon. He said that all the leaders are working in a positive manner. We are on the verge of finding solutions to issues that are dividing the world. He said that the talks have progressed further than yesterday and the positivity that is being seen is a very good thing. He said that India believes that this meeting is going to prove to be the most successful meeting to be held after a long time.

India with the poor

Keeping the stand of the Government of India in the matter of food security, the Union Minister said that India stands with both the poor and business at the same time. He clearly said that the days are gone when India could be tied up. Now India stands firmly for its small businessmen, farmers and fishermen. He said that India’s principled stand in the WTO has strengthened the voice of the poor and the vulnerable at the world level. On the increasing importance of India in business around the world, the Union Minister said that India is leading the world in taking better decisions. Now India is at the center of the talks and India’s influence is visible on the outcome of every WTO meeting. He said that India has brought all the members together for future reforms in matters like fishing, health, digital technology, food and environment. He said that seeing India proves that after record exports, trade deals with all over the world any country can be both poor and supporter of trade at the same time.

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Many decisions can be stamped

If sources are to be believed, many issues related to the World Food Program, e-commerce and fishing can be decided in this meeting. At the same time, it can be agreed on the Trade Related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights i.e. TRIPS that one can produce and export without patent transfer. It is estimated that a time limit of 5 years can be fixed in this regard. An official said that the members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are engaged in last-minute talks to resolve mutual differences, allowing the WTO to reach an agreement on issues such as temporary patent exemptions to deal with the impact of the Kovid 19 epidemic. The official said that the World Trade Organization, which is meeting after a gap of about five years, is also moving towards an agreement on issues such as the World Food Program and an important decision on subsidies in fishing. could.

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