India out, Pakistan inside? After the loss to South Africa, the game of the semi-finals got messed up.

After the loss to South Africa, India’s way to reach the semi-finals has also become difficult. The problem is also during this time that the weather should not spoil the game.

India’s loss to South Africa confused the mathematics of the semi-finals

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South Africa defeated India in the match played in Perth. But, the truth is that India has not lost this match, rather, through this defeat, it has made a mark for itself. T20 World Cup 2022 The way out has been prepared. Winning the match against South Africa was not only necessary for the Indian team. Rather, it would have been in the interest of Pakistan as well. But this did not happen. Now the situation is that India is in danger of being out of the tournament.

Now you must be thinking that till yesterday all was well with India. Then all of a sudden what happened after the loss of just one match to South Africa? So sir, that’s why cricket is called a game of uncertainties. Here the result of a match is also enough to turn the bet. And, the same thing can be seen with Team India as well. However, we are not saying at all that India cannot qualify. But at the same time there will be chances of him being out of the semi-final race.

India’s easy way to qualify

First of all, know how the Indian team can qualify for the semi-final round of the tournament. The easiest way for this is that Team India now wins its remaining two matches. That is, the one who has to play Bangladesh on November 2. And, the second one which is to play against Zimbabwe on 6th November. After winning these two matches, he will get 8 points and he can easily go to the semi-finals.

If this happens then India’s card can be cut

But, if they win against Bangladesh and lose to Zimbabwe, then both Zimbabwe and South Africa will have a chance to score 7 and above. But if India wins against Zimbabwe and loses against Bangladesh, then Bangladesh and South Africa will directly qualify for the semi-finals.

Apart from this, India will also have to take care that the weather is kind. Actually, on November 2, there is a possibility of 70 percent rain in Adelaide. In such a situation, if the India-Bangladesh match is washed out, then Team India may have to bear the loss.

When it comes to run rate, there will be a chance for Pakistan

As far as Pakistan going to the semi-finals is concerned, it has been impressed after South Africa’s victory over India. If Pakistan now wins all its matches, it will still have 6 points. On the other hand, South Africa will have 7 points, if they beat the Netherlands.

If India loses one of its remaining 2 matches, then the matter will also get stuck on the net run rate. For example, Pakistan won both their remaining matches and India lost to Bangladesh, which has defeated Zimbabwe, so in that case 3 Asian countries would have 6 points and all three would be fighting for a position. In such a situation, his run rate of 0.765 will be a big factor for Pakistan. And, India will again be out of the race for the semi-finals.

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