Immediately remove debit and credit card details from Google, time is till June 30, you can remove such records

Google Debit and Credit Card UpdateToday, every person is able to easily complete the process of payment transaction by using various payment apps to transfer payment from their account through online medium, in which their debit card and credit card details would have been entered. Is. In such a situation, to make the process of online payment even more secure. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) New instructions have been issued by the Bank, through which merchants or payment banks can no longer store the information related to the debit and credit cards of the customers. for them 30 June 2022 Till date, time has been given to remove all the records. Let us know about the new instructions issued by RBI.

Information about new instructions issued by RBI

According to the information released by the RBI, from now on, no online payment app can store the debit and credit card details of bank customers in its platform without their permission, for this the payment app has to be removed by the RBI by December first. The time limit was being considered, on which the demand of the bank to extend its time limit by the digital payment companies was being extended by the bank. 30 June 2022 Along with deleting the details of the customers soon, instructions have been issued to the customers to delete their details from the app.

Immediately remove debit and credit card details from Google, time is till June 30

Bank can issue tokenization

The facility of tokenization can be implemented soon by RBI regarding online payment related information for customers. Under tokenization, now the payment companies will have to give an alternate code to the customers in lieu of the card, which will be called a token, through which the person will be able to use the token instead of the card for payment, this code will be a kind of unique code, whose With this use, the cases of credit card details of customers and frauds from them will be reduced across the country.

Customers will be able to allow storage under Google Pay

According to the information issued for customers to remove debit and credit card details under Google Pay, Google Pay will now store their credit card details only after the permission of the customers, for which from now on the customer’s card. The details will not be stored by Google Pay, it is only up to the customers that if they want to store their credit and debit card details then only payment app will be able to store their card details.

For which if you want to store your information, then you will have to make a one-time manual payment with your card information till June 30, 2022, after which you will not need to enter your information again and again, If you remove the bank details from the digital payment app, then from July 1, 2022, according to the rules, you will have to keep giving your card information for online payment.

how to remove credit card details from google

To remove credit card details from Google, customers have to follow the procedure mentioned here.

For Google Ads Users

  • First customers in Google Ads account Sign in Will have to do
  • Now Tools By clicking on it, you have to go to the Billing section and click on Summary.
  • Now payment method click on and then remove button has to be clicked.
  • In this way your card details will be removed from Google.

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