If you do driving after drinking alcohol, then be careful, with this technology the car will stop itself, brake will be applied on speed

Thousands of people die every year in India due to drunken driving. This happens even after severe punishment for driving under the influence of alcohol. How about if there is such a technology by which the car itself can detect the drunken drivers. Let us know about such technology.

Alcohol Impairment Detection Systems

Image Credit source: DWI Attorney

Drunk driving is also one of the main reasons behind road accidents across the world. In most countries, there is a provision of harsh punishment for drunken driving, but it is not easy to implement it everywhere. But what if your car itself stops you from driving under the influence of alcohol? New car in the age of technology Advanced Features are equipped with. These also include technologies like Driver Detection System and Alcohol Impairment Detection System. Such technology can reduce the number of road accidents in our country due to drunken driving.

Technology will be in every American car

Drunk driving has caused more than 11,000 deaths in the US in 2020. That’s why the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) in the US has asked to install an Alcohol Impairment Detection System in all types of vehicles. A total of nine people, including seven children, were killed in a collision between a Dodge SUV and a Ford F-150 truck in California, USA.

Help to prevent accidents

Referring to this road, NTSB officer Jennifer Homendy talked about the importance of technology in the car. According to Hindustan Times, he said, “This technology could have prevented this heart-wrenching accident, just as it could have prevented the thousands of accidents related to poor driving and speeding that we do in America every year. lets see.”

India will also benefit

In India, around 8,300 deaths in 2020 were due to drunken driving. Drunk driving, speeding, driving in the wrong lane, inability to understand turns and haphazard reversing driving call for major road accidents. Using all the modern technology, if Alcohol Impairment Detection System is also used, then such road accidents can be reduced.

car will stop itself

The Alcohol Impairment Detection System monitors the facial expressions of the driver. Recognizing the gesture of a drunk driver, this technology starts its work and a loud alarm starts sounding. This technology gradually reduces the speed of the vehicle and even stops the vehicle. At present, work is being done to improve this technology further.

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