If you do car modification then know these rules first, you may have to repent later

If you are thinking of doing Car Modification, then tell that under the Motor Vehicle Act, you may have to face a hefty challan and jail time. Before modifying the car, know what is legal and what is illegal.

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Car Modification: If you are fond of modifying the car, then this hobby of yours can be a burden on you. Let us tell you that recently a new case has come to the fore in which a person Mahindra Thar Has been accused of modifying. The court has sentenced this person to jail for 6 months considering him guilty. Please tell that this person has been punished under section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act. If you also modify the car, then first you should know about the rules made by the government or say the law, otherwise, later a big problem can arise for you too. Today in this article we will tell you what is illegal and what is legal.

what is illegal

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, it is illegal to modify a car in India. Minor modifications like adding auxiliary lights to the car and swapping the exhaust for a free flow unit are illegal. By doing this, your vehicle can be seized and you may also have to eat jail air.

It has often been seen that people get wide tires fitted to give a funky look to their car, let us tell you that doing so is also illegal in the eyes of the law.

It has often been seen that in order to attract the attention of people, people often install silencers in their vehicles and by doing so, noise pollution occurs. Please tell that doing this is also illegal and if you also do any such work, then your fat challan can also be deducted.

What is Legal: However, it is not illegal to make certain modifications to the vehicle such as fitting a CNG/LPG kit and painting the vehicle in a different colour. But then when you update this thing in the registration certificate of your car from RTO or say RC.

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