Article 35A was one of the biggest promises made to the people before the Modi government came to power for the second time. Amit Shah has emphasized this task while sitting in the post of Home Minister. But Kashmir fanatics, terrorists and stonewares have been angered by the government’s move. At the same time, leaders like Mehbooba Mufti of Kashmir have expressed anger at the government’s action. Mehbooba Mufti has said that anyone who interferes with Article 35A or 370 will be burnt to ashes.

However, secular leaders are reluctant to respond to such comments by Mehbooba Mufti. But, Telangana Hindutva leader Tiger Raja Singh replied to Mehbooba Mufti in his own language. Most of the leaders of the country make statements based on politics and their positions. The number of leaders in the country is too few to speak against the anti-nationals. Raja Singh of Telangana is a leader who responds to the opposition in own language.

In the 35A issue of Tiger Raja Singh, Mehbooba replied to Mufti, “Kashmir was in India and India will retain it. Soon sections 35A and 370 will be deleted. Remember Mehbooba, whoever will be obstructing its way to India will be sent to hell.” Raja Singh has come forward to respond to the threat that Mehbooba Mufti threatened to inflame the country. Raja Singh has openly rubbed off the face of the traitors of the country.

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