I had decided to travel to the city of dreams with only 500 rupees in my pocket, today actor-politician Ravi Kishan is not short of anything

Ravi Kishan Net Worth Pay Roll

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Ravi Kishan, who is called Amitabh Bachchan of Bhojpuri cinema, is celebrating his birthday today. On this special occasion, you will know how many crores are owned by politicians and actors.

Bhojpuri cinema is giving competition to Bollywood and Tollywood these days. At the same time, the stars of Bhojpuri world also leave no stone unturned to make the fans crazy about themselves. Ravi KishanThis name is known in the industry as Amitabh Bachchan of Bhojpuri films. After giving all the superhits in his film career, Ravi Kishan has now established himself in politics as well. Let us inform that now the actor and politician is an MP from Gorakhpur in UP. Today Ravi Kishan is celebrating his birthday. So let’s know on this special occasion that how much do such veteran actors earn?

Actor Ravi Kishan, who traveled to the city of dreams with only 500 rupees in his pocket, is the owner of crores of property today. He has built this property on his own. Today we will tell the fans of Ravi Kishan in detail about his salary, net worth, crores of houses and collection of vehicles.

If we talk about the income of the month of Ravi Kishan, then you will probably be surprised to hear this. Yes, actors who make their mark in politics by acting earn more than 25 lakhs a month. With this, the actor’s income is more than 3 crores in the whole year. Born on July 17, 1969, Ravi Kishan has made his own umpire on the basis of his ability. Which is really commendable.

What is the net worth of Ravi Kishan

Not only the salary, the net worth of the actor will surprise you even more. According to the reports, the net worth of Ravi Kishan is 2.5 million which means 18 crores. With this, you might have got an idea that the actor who came to the city with 500 rupees must have struggled in his life.

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Ravi Kishan is fond of luxury vehicles

According to the news, Ravi Kishan also has many luxurious houses nearby. In the year 2011, he had bought a house with his own money, the price of which will blow your mind. Yes, the cost of the actor’s house was Rs 72 lakh. Apart from this, he has many properties worth crores. The actor is also very fond of luxury cars. Ravi Kishan may not have come to the city with much money, but he always likes to live life openly and in a royal style. If reports are to be believed, he owns a Mercedes-Benz and a Toyota car. Also, apart from acting and politics, he also has a business worth crores.

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