Hyundai launches driverless car, only these people will be able to travel in this charismatic car

Ioniq 5 Self Driving : Hyundai Selfie Driving Car.

Hyundai is building a special car system. The name of this car system is Robo Ride. This car system will also be able to work in the densely populated city of Korea.

Hyundai Motor Group has announced that it is preparing a big plan for the Robo Ride car. This car system self driving car (Self Driving Car) will make the dream come true, as well as it will prove to be very useful in densely populated cities. The company will first prepare it for the South Korean city of Seoul. Autonomous driving technology will be used with the help of self-driving technology. This does not mean at all that the company has designed a dedicated driving system. This complete technology will also provide a safe navigation system on the roads of Gangnam.

Gangnam is the most densely populated area inside Seoul and for this too the company has got a temporary permit from the local body. Throughout this program, the 3rd Korean company has partnered with a Korean start-up Jin Mobility, which develops artificial intelligence. The company got many good results during testing, which is very special in itself and the company is optimistic about it.

Google is also preparing self-driving car for many years

Companies around the world, including Google, are working on selfie driving cars, and perhaps the most history in this is Google’s old. Google also started texting in some countries of Europe. So far, the company has prepared two main models regarding the selfie driving car and many good features have been given in them.

Self-driving bus has killed a man

Although one or two companies have also prepared selfie driving buses. Many good features were seen in these cars and out of these the car had an accident, in which a passerby was killed.

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If we talk about Hyundai’s autonomous car again, according to media reports, this car can be used first by the people living in the area located in Seoul of Hyundai. After that in how many countries and in which cities it will be introduced.

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