Husband and wife took a smiling selfie in front of the crashed plane, people said – Shame on you!

A couple did not even get scratched in a plane crash on the runway in Peru. In this happiness, both of them celebrated by taking selfies with the damaged plane. But people didn’t like it and they started couple’s class.

This selfie was taken by the couple after the plane accident

Image Credit source: Twitter/@enriquevarsi

Peru Terrible incident happened on the runway of the airport in the capital of Lima on Friday. plane crash There was also a couple named Enrique Versi and Respigliosi on board, who did not even suffer a scratch. selfie in front of crashed plane Took and shared it on Twitter, which viral has occurred. But the netizens did not like this thing and they fiercely criticized the couple. People say that how strange are these people, who are taking selfies after surviving the accident. They should be ashamed.

In the viral selfie, the couple is seen smiling, while fire extinguishing chemical is seen spread on their faces and clothes. This selfie is telling that both of them narrowly survived the horrific accident and they are happy about it. The crashed plane of LATAM Airlines can be seen behind the couple, some part of which is badly burnt. By sharing selfie among people on Twitter, Enrique Versi and Rospigliosi wrote, ‘When life gives you a second chance.’ Some users have appreciated the happiness of his safety, while many have appeared angry. Because the couple unknowingly took a selfie standing at the place where the accident had killed two firefighters.

See here the selfie of the couple taken in front of the crashed plane

More than 2 lakh people have liked this selfie post shared with @enriquevarsi Twitter handle, while more than 13 thousand people have retweeted it. Apart from this, many people have registered their feedback. One user has written, Shame on you both. Selfie with very useless test. At the same time, another user says, two firefighters lost their lives but what do you do with that. You have to laugh and take selfies.

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Please tell that after hitting the fire truck on the runway, the plane of LATAM Airlines caught fire. Fortunately, all the 120 passengers including the crew members of the plane survived the accident. However, this terrible accident killed two firefighters standing on the runway.

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