How will the company prevent cyber attacks through ‘Facebook Protect’, which select people will get this feature? know everything

How Facebook Protect works: Facebook Protect feature has been launched in India. If understood in simple language, this is such a feature related to the account that will help hackers to prevent cyber attacks. Know how to get this feature…

Social media company Meta will prevent cyber attacks through ‘Facebook Protect’.

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Social media company which is in controversy every day Facebook (Facebook) protect your facebook (Facebook Protect) cyber attack through (Cyber ​​Protect) Will stop Facebook Protect feature has been launched in India. If you understand in easy language, then this is such a feature related to the account that will help in preventing cyber attacks. Testing of this feature started in 2018, after which it was used more in the Presidential elections held in the US in 2020. Now this feature is also present in India. which is being used. Facebook is preparing to take this feature to 50 countries of the world.

How will Facebook Protect work, who will get this feature and how special it is, know the answers to these questions…

How will Facebook Protect work?

Facebook is gradually extending this feature to its selected users. Facebook sends notifications to make the feature available. During this, no document or any personal information is asked from the user in any way. This feature is activated through 2 factor authentication. It is only through this that security is given. Understand in simple language, after 2 factor authentication, monitoring starts for the safety of the user. The company is planning to start registration for the users who have not received the notification.

Who will get this feature?

TOI According to the report, this feature has been specially introduced for those people who are prone to hacking of any kind of information. Such as journalists, activists, human rights activists and government employees. The users to whom Facebook has sent its notification will have to adopt it compulsorily. This is also because the notification is being sent based on the risk of cyber attack. If a user has received a notification, then he has to turn on 2 factor authentication.

If the user does not accept that notification within a certain limit, then the account will be locked. The company claims that the user’s data will not be harmed in any way if the account is locked.

Why was Facebook Protect feature introduced?

No matter how much experts say to make the password long, strong and unique, but it is not 100% secure. That’s why this feature has also been brought. Through this feature, the user’s account can be made secure. Understand in simple language, even if a hacker gets your password, he will not be able to access the account because he will have to face 2 factor authentication.

However, users are still not serious about such protection. Facebook itself has confirmed this. The company says that currently only 4 percent of users are using 2 factor authentication. This is the reason why the company will compulsorily implement it. Failure to do so will result in the account being locked.

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