How to record a conversation in Twitter Spaces, know what is the easy way

Spaces helps creators host discussions and boost their content. Twitter introduced space recording as a way to continue a conversation after a space has been completed.

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Twitter (Twitter) recently clubhouse (Clubhouse) has added audio-only chat room-space to its platform. Twitter Space (Twitter Spaces) which was initially released for select users, is now available for all users. Although this is a relatively new feature, to help users avoid confusion, the social media platform has introduced space (SpacesA guide on how to record ) and download them for later use is suggested. For those who don’t use Space, Space helps creators to host discussions and boost their content.

The company mentioned in a press statement, “Twitter introduces space recording as a way to continue conversations even after a space has been completed. It prepares creators and hosts to further enhance their content to increase their reach and viewership. Also, it ensures that listeners do not miss any space about the subjects in which they take interest. Here are a simple guide on how to use Twitter Spaces-

How to Record and Download Twitter Spaces

  1. To create a Twitter space, the user has to tap on the ‘Record Space’ button. A logo will pop up at the top to notify you that the space is being recorded. Twitter notes that in space recording only people with speaker privileges will be recorded.
  2. Once the space recorded is exhausted, the host will see a link to share the space recording via a Tweet. Before sharing it, the host will have the option to choose where it begins with ‘Edit Start Time’, which allows them to cut out any dead air time that occurs at the start of the space.
  3. To playback a space recording, simply click the ‘Play Recording’ button on any space card in your timeline. The host will have the facility to download space in the ‘data’ folder of its data download. Users can also delete the recording of the recorded space at any time.

Twitter notes that Live Spaces will retain audio copies of all recorded Spaces for a period of 30-120 days when they are checked and reviewed for breaches of the Twitter Rules.

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