How and in how long was the ‘Har Har Shambhu’ hymn prepared, along with the team, Farmani told the whole story

YouTuber Farmani Naaz has been embroiled in controversies over one of his hymns. He has sung the hymn ‘Har Har Shambhu’, to which some people have raised objections. Along with his team, he has told special things related to this hymn.

farmani naaz

youtuber farmani naaz It has been in discussion for the last few days. Actually, he has sung the song ‘Har Har Shambhu’, about which there has been a controversy. Despite being a Muslim, he has sung a song about Lord Shiva, some people object to this. The cleric of Deoband says that singing and dancing are forbidden in Islam. After the controversy, Naaz and his entire team made a video and uploaded it on YouTube. In this the whole story behind the song has been told.

The team says that whatever our bhajans will come, both Hindus and Muslims should support it and see all that our qawwali will come. Those who are saying it, they will continue to say it. We will continue to bring you more such songs, bhajans and qawwali. Farmani believes that the artist has no religion.

Farmani Naaz has also appeared in Indian Idol

The team has told how the idea of ​​making this song came, in how much time it was prepared. He told that even before this, Naaz has sung bhajans and another hymn is about to come. Earlier, Naaz has also appeared in Indian Idol 12. Even before appearing in this reality show, she used to make videos of her songs.

Husband left in 2019

He had said that he needed money as his son had a sore throat since birth. During the show, Farmani had told that her husband had left her when her son was born in 2019 and had a throat problem. After that he started singing.

Bhajan has been viewed by more than 47 lakh people

The YouTube channel named Farmani Naaz Singer has 3.96 million subscribers. There is a controversy about his ‘Har Har Shambhu’ hymn, it has been seen the most. So far more than 47 lakh people have seen it. There are more than 22 thousand comments on the video. Farmani also got a chance to record a song with singer Kumar Sanu. According to media reports, for this he had received 45 thousand rupees.

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