Hockey teams in defense of Manpreet, anger on coach, now legal action will be taken

Former coach Sured Marinye, who took the Indian women’s hockey team to the fourth position in the Tokyo Olympics, has made serious allegations against the men’s team captain Manpreet Singh.

Manpreet Singh is the captain of the men’s hockey team

In Indian hockey, things have been getting better in the last one or two years. The performance of the women’s and men’s teams has improved and the Tokyo Olympics is the biggest example. been the center of controversy over the years Indian Hockey Teams And hockey associations had stayed away from controversies in recent times, but now a ruckus has again fallen behind these teams. Former coach of Indian women’s and men’s teams sure marineye men’s team captain Manpreet Singh A shocking disclosure has been made about this, after which the Indian teams have threatened legal action against the former coach.

The book, Will Power, by former Netherlands hockey player and then Indian coach Shyrd, who achieved a historic feat by leading the Indian women’s team to the fourth position in the Tokyo Olympics last year, has been published recently, in which he shared his experiences with the Indian hockey teams. About the tenure. In this, he has claimed that in 2018, when he was the coach of the men’s team, one of his selected young players was asked to play poorly by captain Manpreet Singh, so that Manpreet’s friend would be included in the team in his place.

False allegations for selling a book

This allegation of former Indian coach has shaken Indian hockey again. Hockey India has not said anything about this yet, but India’s men’s and women’s teams have supported Manpreet in a joint statement and questioned the intentions of the former coach. According to a report by NDTV, this statement said,

“We (men and women team) have come together and are unhappy that they have exploited our personal information and made false allegations. The time spent coaching us has been used to his advantage by putting our reputation at stake so that he can sell his book.

preparation for legal action

The Indian teams in their statement also asked whether Sure Marinye had any record of complaint making these allegations as no such complaint was received by Hockey India or the Sports Authority of India. Along with this, the teams also questioned the former coach and publisher of the book. Legal action has also been threatened against. Accordingly,

The Indian national men’s and women’s teams stand by each other and will defend themselves against questions raised on our integrity. We are pursuing a legal option against Sured Marinye and the book’s publisher, HarperCollins.

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Manpreet was accused

english newspaper The Indian Express In an interview, Sured said that this incident happened during the 2018 Commonwealth Games. He had included a young player in the team, seeing that he thought that it could do a great job in Indian hockey, but he was badly flopped in the Gold Coast Games, which surprised him. The coach alleged that later he came to know that Manpreet Singh had forbidden that player to play well, so that his friend could get a chance. Sured said whether Manpreet had said this jokingly or not, but he was very upset with it.

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