History of changes to famous logos

Nothing lasts forever, times change. And if you want to meet new standards and trends. You need to rebrand. Many famous world brands, even if not often, but several times exactly changed their logos. Naturally, some completely changed their logos. But it is not necessary to completely abandon the original logo. You can improve it, by changing the shape, size, shape of fonts, and color schemes. It all depends on your desire and imagination, the main thing is not to overdo it. In this article, you will learn the history of the logos of famous brands.You can also see photos of these logos in Turbologo.


This company is the second-largest in the world. A direct competitor to Apple. Every second person knows and has ever used equipment from this brand. The company was established on March 1, 1938, in South Korea. Translated from Korean, Samsung means “three stars”.Because of this, three stars were always used in the first logos. In the very first logo, there were three black stars in the center, on the sides, above and below there were only hieroglyphs.

This logo existed from 1938 to 1969. However, the company realized that it needed a name in English. To enter the global market, people had to understand the logo. After all, not everyone knows Korean. Only in 1969, did the company makes a logo in English. The name “SAMSUNG” was placed horizontally, and in front of the name, there were three red stars that were located inside a circle and a square. This logo has existed for 10 years. In subsequent years, the company uses several logos at the same time. This;

Three red stars separately.

-The name of Samsung, in front of which are three red stars, without a circle and a square around the stars.

These logos lasted until 1993. For its 55th anniversary, the company decided to update the logo. It exists to this day. This is a blue ellipse in the center of which “SAMSUNG” is written in white stylized letters. The rebranding has not been carried out since 2005.


At the moment, Coca-Cola is the first global brand that has been taking leading positions for years. This drink is sold in all countries of the world. Coca-Cola has the most recognizable corporate logo style, which is more than 117 years old. The company was established in 1886, and the logo in 1893. The company’s logo is written in the calligraphic font “Spencer”.

It was created by Frank Robinson, an accountant and a friend of the owner of the company. He decided that it was better to capitalize the “C”, so the logo looked better. Then with the letter “K”.During the entire existence of the company, the logo has not changed beyond recognition. They changed only the font with which they wrote the name.

In the early 1980s, due to competition from Pepsi products, it was decided to change the company’s logo to New Coke. Having made this marketing move, the company began to lose sales. Consumers did not like the new name of the drink. After some time, the drink was returned to its former name Coca-Cola, thereby the company improved its sales. Only in 1985, the name was changed to “Coke Coke”, but this logo lasted only two years. After all, many people are used to Coca-Cola. In 1987, the old name was returned.



Throughout its existence, the company has changed its logo only a few times. They were not radically different from each other. Only the font shape, background, and font color changed. The very first bars were produced in 1967 in Britain. It’s amazing, but the first name was not “Twix”, but “Raider”.The logo looked like the following; On a white background, “Raider” was written in red letters. Subsequent logo changes occurred in 1979. And that’s when the bars got the name “Twix”, and only after that, the company was able to export the goods to the United States of America.

The name Twix comprises two words, “double” and “biscuit”. Undoubtedly Twix bars are trendy all over the world. They are adored by both adults and children. In Ireland, they are still sold under the first name “Raider”.In the following years, only the background changed. He was black at first, then just white. And in the end, it turned brown. Like the packaging, we’re all used to.


A company from France engaged in the production and sale of wardrobe items, perfume compositions, and luxury items. The company was founded by a Parisian fashion designer and designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel (the nickname “Coco” was received by the founder of the House). Or rather, these are her initials. The Chanel logo first appeared in 1921. He was depicted on a bottle of Chanel perfume No. 5.

The company’s logo is a double letter C. It resembles two wedding rings that are not closed together. The letter C is the initial of Coco Chanel. Since then, the logo has not changed significantly, the letters “C” were present in each logo.

Over time, in 1940, under the symbolism, the name of the brand “CHANEL” began to be printed on a large scale. It was written in capital letters and large type.

Subsequent changes took place 10 years later. The graphic component of the emblem consists of a circle. And the brand name is now located on top. This version of the logo is currently used by the company.

The history of all the changes in the logos of world brands is very interesting and exciting. If it seems to you that creating a logo is easy. You are deeply mistaken.No matter how cool your product is. The brand name plays a big role.

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