Haven’t forgotten ‘Einstein Chacha’… people on Twitter are celebrating the first anniversary of ‘Bagpat Chaat War’

A year has passed since the unique fight between two chaat people in Baghpat. On social media, people are remembering a shopkeeper and the employees involved in the fight in their own style, who came in the name of ‘Einstein Chacha’.

It’s been a year since the fight over chaat in Baghpat

Image Credit source: Twitter

No one knows about when what started trending in the ‘world of social media’. Now look no, UP (Uttar Pradesh) of ‘Einstein uncle’ (Einstein Chacha) have once again come into the limelight. Yes. He is the same uncle, who was the hero of the fight between the two groups over ‘Ek Done Chaat’. This fight in Baghpat (Baghpat Chat War) took place in February 2021, the video of which was spread across the country. viral happened. This fight between two chaat walas was so prevalent on Twitter that people even started making memes on it. If you still do not understand, then further you will tell about this fight in detail. For the time being, let us tell you that a year has passed since this fight and people are remembering ‘Einstein Chacha’ in their own style.

People are remembering this battle of Baghpat on Twitter as if a historic war was fought between any two countries. By the way, it would not be wrong to say that it has nothing to do with history, but people will hardly forget the way two groups fought for each chaat. On Twitter, a user named @durranimohsin wrote, ‘The famous chaat war of Baghpat was fought on this day itself! Salute to the warriors on the first anniversary of the Battle of Baghpat Chat! Similarly, a user named Vikram Bondal has written with a picture of the shopkeepers locked in the police station, oh… it has been a year since this legend street fight. Similarly, many users have remembered this fight in their own way. Let’s take a look at selected tweets.

People remember the ‘warriors’ doing this

How was the fight?
The matter is of Baraut city of Baghpat. Where two shops, Durga Fruit Juice Corner and Nav Durga Chaat are adjacent. Both the shopkeepers wanted to call the customers to them at any cost. There was an altercation between the shopkeepers regarding this. Soon after, both the sides started fighting with sticks and sticks.

Viral: Such atrocity with Panipuri, the person who shared the video wrote – Watch at your own risk!

#worldwar3 trended on Twitter after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but people are understanding the joke, sharing funny memes

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