Have you ever eaten tandoori paan? Seeing VIDEO, people got angry, said – they would have put chicken legpieces too

You must have eaten paan of many flavours, but have you ever eaten tandoori paan? If you have not eaten, then now also see how this ruckus type thing is made.

People furious after seeing the recipe of Tandoori Paan

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paan So you must have eaten many flavors. By the way, if seen, all the flavors have faded in front of Banarasi paan. but have you ever tandoori paan eaten? If you have not eaten, then now also see how this ruckus type thing is made. If you are also fond of eating paan, then do this at your own risk. Video refer to. Because, seeing the viral clip, the people of social media are very angry. Seeing the clip, people are saying – don’t even put chicken legpieces. Where do such samples come from?

The anger of the netizens has reached the seventh heaven after watching the recipe video of Tandoori Paan. There is no one who is saying that he wants to try it. In the viral clip, you can see that after cleaning the betel leaf, the shopkeeper puts catechu and lime in it and the rest of the spices. Then he smokes coal to add smoky flavor to it. Whatever he does before this, see for yourself in this video.

Watch the video of Tandoori Paan Recipe here

The video of tandoori paan has been shared on Instagram with an account named thegreatindianfoodie. At the same time, the user has written in the caption, We all keep on eating normal paan, but it looks tasty only after listening to tandoori paan. Insta user claims that this paan is being made in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh and people are eating it with great fervor. Now people are furious after seeing this video. People say that betel leaves can also be chewed raw. Other things are added to it for flavor. But this paanwale brother has crossed all limits.

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One user has written, Brother would have put chicken leg pieces too. At the same time, another user has written while commenting, there is no shortage of madmen in the world. Another user says, let the paan be paan, brother. Don’t do anything with him. Overall, this video has disturbed the minds of the people.

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