Harnaaz Sandhu Weight Issue: Harnaaz Sandhu gave a befitting reply to body shaming trollers, read – what they have to say

Responding to the trolls about her weight, Harnaaz says that I like change and you should not troll but appreciate it because not everyone can go through changes.

Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu

Image Credit source: Manav Mangalani

Miss Universe 2021 (Miss Universe 2021of Punjab after taking the crown of Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu ,Harnaaz Sandhu) has been in the news for many reasons. Harnaaz, who was initially trolled for being thin, is now being trolled for her sudden increase in weight. Although ‘body shaming’ (Body ShamingHarnaaz has now given a befitting reply to those who do. Harnaz said that “many people don’t know that I am allergic to gluten.” Explaining the reason for this allergy, he said that “I have celiac (Celiac disease) is a disease. Due to this disease, since birth, I am allergic to a particular type of protein, which affects my health.

are allergic to protein

The protein to which Harnaaz is allergic is found in abundance in wheat, barley and rye. Talking about body shaming, Harnaaz said, “I am a girl who does not believe in body shaming but in body positivity and I am the first Miss Universe who has to go through such difficulties. But I haven’t given up. On the Miss Universe stage, we talk about women’s empowerment, womanhood and body positivity. I know there are many people trolling me because of my weight but it doesn’t affect me.

Know what Harnaaz Sandhu has to say

Harnaaz further says that “Trolling people by looking at their bodies shows the mentality of the trollers. That is their fault. Not only the celebrities of Miss Universe or the entertainment industry, but there are many people who are subjected to ‘body shaming’ every day, they get trolled badly. I am trying to empower all those people with me to feel the way I feel beautiful about myself.”

People have misconception about this competition

On the misconception people have about the Miss Universe pageant, Harnaaz Sandhu says that, these contests are not only inspired by external beauty. He said, “Everyone is beautiful to me. This contest is about how you represent yourself and what your ideology is. If you think I’m the most beautiful girl that’s why I won Miss Universe, I’m sorry, you’re wrong. I’m not the prettiest (girl) but I can be one of those courageous and confident girls who believe that even though I’m fat, even though I’m thin, it’s my body, I love myself. “

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