Hair, bindi, bangle, ear ring .. arbitrary nothing will work, Air India brought strict rules for crew

Air India has issued a detailed guideline regarding its female and male cabin crew members. Let us know what has been said in these guidelines.

Air India women cabin crew members

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Air India has issued a guideline for its cabin crew attendants. According to this, if any male cabin crew is losing hair or has baldness, then such people will have to clean shave their hair, that is, they will have to be completely bald. Such an employee will have to cut his hair daily. At the same time, male cabin crew members are also not allowed to get crew cut. Air India Has also issued guidelines for women crew members. The list of new rules made for women crew members is even longer than for men.

Women crew members are not to wear pearl ear rings. If she wears bindi, then its size should not be more than 0.5 cm. Women crew members can wear only one bangle, which should not have any design stones. According to the guidelines, women crew members are not allowed to make a bun that is too high or too low. In the new rules of Air India, the dress code, everything has been given in detail.

The thing to note here is that the Air India Guidelines were released a month back. But recently another document was released in the airline, which explained the major changes in the Uniform Guidelines. In this, information about what the crew members should not do has been given in bold.

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Highlights of Air India Crew Guidelines

  • Women crew members are allowed to wear gold or diamond round earrings. There should not be any design in it.
  • It is optional to have bindi with the saree. The size of the bindi should not be more than 0.5 cm.
  • Women crew members are not allowed to wear rings larger than 1 cm. Only one ring can be worn in each hand.
  • Only one bangle without any design or stone is allowed to be worn.
  • It is not allowed to make a bun that is too high or too low.
  • Only four bobby pins can be used to make the bun.
  • The rules of Eyeshades, Lipstick, Nail Polish and Hair Shades cards have to be followed strictly.
  • Wearing of stockings with saree or Indo-western dress is mandatory during flight duty. The color of the stockings should match the color of the skin.

These rules also have to be followed

Female and male crew members whose hair is turning gray will have to dye it regularly. It has also been said in the rules of Air India that it is not allowed to apply fashion color or henna to dye the hair. Wearing black or religious thread around the hand, neck or ankle is also not allowed. Crew members do not have to wear the uniform or its accessories after duty. Crew members who are usually active on social media keep posting pictures in uniform. In such a situation, this rule has been brought regarding the uniform.

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