Guidelines issued on the use of drones for the health care sector, pilot projects will start soon

Guidelines on the use of drones for the health care sector

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In the guideline, vaccines, medicines and capsules of some other diseases, including Kovid, can be brought in bottles, syrups, gloves, syringes, blood bags, test samples through drones.

In the coming times, drones will play an important role in saving the lives of humans living in remote areas. Actually the healthcare sector (healthcare sectorIndian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to increase the use of drones inICMR) has issued guidelines. According to sources now drone ,DronePilot projects will be started in which blood and test samples will be transported from one place to another to ensure the necessary capacity to transport medical goods to far flung areas. Medical supplies through drones started during Kovid. When the government used drones to deliver the vaccine to many areas of the North East. The guideline has used the experiences found in Manipur and Nagaland. These pilot projects are important because if successful, rules can be decided on the basis of them, which can be used by the states to start drone-related healthcare facilities in their areas.

What is the plan for the healthcare sector

According to sources, in the guidelines of ICMR, the vaccine of some other diseases including Kovid through drones which can be kept at 2 to 8 degree Celsius. Medicines and capsules, syrup in bottles, gloves, syringes, blood bags, test samples can be carried from one place to another. According to ICMR, it is a challenge to reach health facilities in the far flung areas of the country. Due to Kovid, challenges have increased in one way and on the other hand opportunities have also been found. The issued guidelines will go a long way in planning and carrying out drone-based delivery of medical supplies. The scientists of ICMR have worked closely with the Ministry of Aviation, DGCA, Airport Authority for this and have prepared a guideline based on the new rules of drone 2021. In this, important information related to the selection of drones, use of airspace and necessary approvals has been given.

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Government’s emphasis on drones increased

The government is continuously increasing its emphasis on drones, from security to agriculture, the government has intensified efforts to promote the use of drones. Along with this, the government is also running a Production Linked Incentive Scheme to promote drone manufacturing in the country and to be self-reliant in it. In fact, the government is emphasizing on making the country a drone hub, which will not only create new employment opportunities in the country, but also emerge as an important exporter of the drone sector in the coming times.

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