Grow Your Career With A Six Sigma Certification

In order to grow, progress and prosper in your professional field, you need to add value to the
organization that you’re working for. Getting a six sigma certification is the best way to improve
your productive skills and be an asset to your organization. It is a great way to enhance your
leadership capabilities and operational skillset.
A six sigma certification sets you apart from the rest of the competitions by making you a more
productive candidate. It validates your problem solving and operational skills in a business
process. Undertaking a certification course in Six Sigma will definitely testify you as a proficient
process improvement specialist.

What is Six Sigma

Developed in 1986 as a means of improving efficiency in the operations within organizations,
Six Sigma is a set of methods and tools that drive process improvements. It has become a
global phenomenon being adopted by all major and minor organizations across the world.
Six Sigma presents a methodological approach to bring changes that drive improvement within
the regular day to day processes. This results in efficient operations, improved productivity,
enhanced throughput, fewer errors, and most importantly better quality. Achieving all these goals
means higher revenues for the organization and finally a better career growth for you.

Advantages Of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a skill that is in high demand across all industries. Here are a few of the
advantages that a six sigma certification brings for you:
1. Career Advancement: The aim to progress at the professional front is an innate desire
for every professional. A six sigma certification helps you fulfill that desire with ease. It
endorses your explicit skills to the employers and sets you apart from the crowd. You are
seen as someone who can implement their skills to strengthen the organization. And
thus, you can climb the corporate ranks faster and easier.
2. Improve Credibility: As someone who knows all ins and outs of quality improving six
sigma methodologies, you’ll gain instant credibility in the eyes of any employer. You’ll be
seen as someone who can add value to the organization with their highly advanced skill
3. Inculcate Leadership: A six sigma certification prepares individuals for leadership roles.
They are trained to take ownership, do their task, motivate and guide others in their team
to complete their part and give effective outcomes that will improve the work efficiency
and work quality within the organization.
4. Salary Increment: All actions on the professional front are undertaken with the final
objective of getting a salary increment out of it. A six sigma certification enhances your
value within the organization, thereby incrementing the salary that you earn.
Getting certified in a Six Sigma course can give a surmounting leap to your career. When an
employer sees a six sigma certification on your resume, they will instantly start seeing you as an
asset who can bring about exceptional improvements in their operational processes. You can
woo any recruiter with your business understanding and analytical abilities and be able to land
your dream job. You can even upgrade your position within your current organization.

Levels Of Six Sigma Certification

A six sigma certification course is divided into different levels:
1. Six Sigma White Belt
2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt
3. Six Sigma Green Belt
4. Six Sigma Black Belt
Each of these levels provides organizational skills relevant to different levels of professional
dexterity. As a professional, you don’t need to be certified in all three levels. You can just
choose the level that best suits your career objective and get certified in it.
White Belt: This is the introductory level of the Six Sigma course where you’ll learn the basic
concepts. This is ideal for individuals working with local problem-solving teams within an
organization. Knowledge of white belt six sigma will enable you to support change management.
Yellow Belt: This level provides specific knowledge about Six Sigma techniques and methods.
Here you’ll learn to apply the Six Sigma methodologies for improved change. This is ideal for
professionals involved in leading limited improvement projects. It is also beneficial for individuals
who work on improvement projects as support members of a Six Sigma team.
Green Belt: This is the level where you’ll learn the Six Sigma analytics and analysis
methodologies to resolve quality affecting problems. Green belt six sigma certification gives you
the knowledge to apply efficient concepts to collect data and analyze them for further
Black Belt: This is the highest level of Six Sigma and also the one with most responsibility and
dexterity. This is for team leaders that take key decisions and construct metrics for change to
bring in operational improvements. At this level you’ll have a thorough understanding of all
aspects of Six Sigma and will train others working in your team.

Demand Of Six Sigma In Industries

Individuals having apt training in Six Sigma concepts and methodologies are in high demand
across industries. Be it the manufacturing industries, finance corporation, healthcare sector, IT
companies, automation departments, business development consultancies or any other
organization, the exigency for certified Six Sigma experts is appalling.
Professionals having ample training in Six Sigma can acquire highly acclaimed managerial and
functional posts within an organization. From posts like team leader, manager and supervisor to
posts of functional heads like quality assurance manager, project manager and general
manager, a six sigma certification opens doors to significant career successes.

The importance of Six Sigma in improving the productivity and revenue in organizations cannot
be overemphasized. Professionals trained in Six Sigma methodologies are in high demand in
the current job market. Right from the basic employee posts all the way up to the functional
posts within organizations, Six Sigma is the most sought after managerial skill in new age
You need to constantly keep upgrading yourself and enhancing your skills to stay relevant in the
current competitive job scenario. Getting yourself enrolled in a six Sigma certification course is
the most sure fire way to remain employable in the dwindling job atmosphere.

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