Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been to France for two days and today he was with the President of the country, Emanuel Macron.

After having a meeting, Macron and Modi attend a press conference, where Macron says India should be a member of the G7. According to sources, reports suggest that Emanuel Macron welcomed Prime Minister Modi in a great way. The two leaders then held a meeting for a long time.

The two leaders then made a joint press conference or press conference where Macron congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his second victory in India. Emanuel Makroh says – Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of India again, India is a great democracy, and India’s democracy is a great example for the world.

In addition, Emanuel Macron described India as a world power, saying that without India, much of the world’s work would not be possible. So I believe that India should be a member of G-7. Macro says this is a matter of pride for India.

The G7 is a group of the top 10 most powerful countries in the world, with members like the United States, Britain and France. And Emanuel Macron wants India to be India’s G7 member, calling India the world’s strongest country. He mentioned of the Pulwama attack, and France being with India. And now he has stated that France is with India in the fight against terrorism, and added that the first Rafale warship will arrive in India in September.

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