Government’s huge income from income tax, tax collection increased by 26 percent

This year the government has earned tremendous amount from direct tax. Its tax collection has also increased by 26 percent so far as compared to the last financial year. Let’s know from where the government earned how much…

In the current financial year till December 17, the gross direct tax collection has increased by 26 percent.

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direct tax of government of india (Direct Tax) Collection current financial year (FY 2022-23) I have grown tremendously. income tax mainly in direct tax (Income Tax) and corporate tax (Corporate Tax) are included. In such a situation, the latest figures show that the last financial year (FY 2021-22Gross direct tax collection of the government so far as compared to ) (Gross Direct Tax Collection) Has registered a growth of 25.90 percent.

The Income Tax Department has released the direct tax data collected till 17 December 2022 on Sunday. Gross direct tax collection does not include the amount which has to be declared in income tax return. (Income Tax Return) Refund to the government after filing (Income Tax Refund) have to do.

So much money came in the pocket of the government

According to the latest figures, till December 17, the government’s direct tax collection has been Rs 13,63,649 crore. It was only Rs 10,83,150 crore in the same period of the last financial year.

However, if the amount to be refunded is removed from this, then the net direct tax collection of the government in the current financial year will be Rs. (Net Direct Tax Collection) 11,35,754 crores i.e. an increase of 19.81 percent. In the same period of the last financial year, this amount was Rs 9,47,959 crore.

In this total tax collection of the government, the income from corporate tax has been Rs 6,06,679 crore, while the government has collected Rs 5,26,477 crore from personal income tax.

Government has to refund so much money

In a release issued in this regard, the government has said that for the current financial year, it will issue a total refund of Rs 2,27,896 crore. (Refund Issued) has issued.

Advance tax collection also increased

Advance tax collection of the government during this period (Advance Tax Collection) 12.83 percent has increased. The advance tax collection of the government has been Rs 5,21,302 crore. Other than this TDS The government has received tax of Rs 6,44,761 crore under the head. The remaining self-assessment tax is Rs 1,40,105 crore and the regular assessment tax collection is Rs 46,244 crore.

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