Government preparing to levy tax on purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, understand the complete maths like this

An estimated 10 billion dollars of Indians are invested in cryptocurrencies. In such a situation, the government now needs its share in it and it is going to collect it from you by paying tax.

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cryptocurrency (cryptocurreny) For the fans of crypto current we have again brought it up. The first news is that the government (Government of India) Even if she has not been able to bring her bill on cryptocurrencies, but know that her intention to impose tax on transactions in cryptocurrencies is absolutely certain. Budget coming on February 1 (Budget 2022) I may declare tax on these transactions. TDS or TCS can be levied on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. Now what’s wrong with that. The government thinks that when you are making money indiscriminately in crypto, then it should also get a share in it. Yes, it is a matter of fact that the government itself has not yet decided whether to ban it or give it asset status.

Largest number of Indians

It is believed that Indians are the largest number of people who own cryptocurrencies in the world. The number is not even small, about 10 crore Indians have put money in it. It is estimated that about 10 billion dollars of Indians are invested in these cryptocurrencies. In such a situation, the government now needs its share in it and it is going to collect it from you by paying tax.

At the next juncture of this elusive world, a currency awaits us which has changed the lives of investors overnight. A new token has come in the market, its name is unity. According to data from Coinmarketcap, the price of this token has increased by 2.9 billion percent in a week. If this figure sounds confusing, then think of it as if you had invested Rs 1,000 in it last week, today its value would have been Rs 2,989.32 crore. That is, thousand rupees in a week would have been 3,000 crores.

Sotheby’s to auction rare black diamonds

Public listing of this token is going to happen soon. This world is just as surprising. At the same time, another interesting news is that if you must have heard the name of the world’s famous auction house Sotheby’s, then Sotheby’s is going to auction a very rare black diamond.

The name of this 555.55 carat diamond is The Enigma. The news is that Sotheby’s has said that it will also allow payment through bitcoin, ethereum and stablecoin USDC in this diamond auction. That is, you can also buy this diamond by paying in crypto.

– Praveen Sharma, Money9

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