Google Translate Update: Now you will be able to translate in 24 languages ​​​​like Bhojpuri, Maithili and Sanskrit

Google Translate Update: New language added to Google Translate.

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Google Translate Update: Google has updated its language translation tool. In this, the company has included 24 new languages. In total, now Google Translate will support up to 133 languages.

Google Translate Update: Google has updated its language translation tools and has now included 24 new languages ​​in Google Translate. Now Google supports a total of 133 languages ​​worldwide. Talking about new languages, languages ​​like Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and Assamese have also been included in this. Google CEO Sindar Pichai has completed Google IOA 2022 on Wednesday, May 11 and has included less than 25 languages ​​in it.

translation will be accurate

Google has said in its official blogpost that the company has started using new machine learning for these new languages. This is zero shoot machine translation, which is used on mechanical learning models, in which monolingual text will be shown. In zero shoot machine translation will not show any example during translation in other language.

how to use google translate

To use Google Translate, first open your browser. After this search Or you can also install Google Translate app from Google Play Store. After the page is opened, two columns will appear, in which one can choose the option of English language and in the other the language in which to translate. In this case, you can see the translation form of the preferred language in the second column.

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Full list of 24 new languages ​​added to Google Translate

  • Assamese (Northeast India)
  • Aymara (Bolivia, Chile and Peru)
  • Bambara (Mali)
  • Bhojpuri (northern India, Nepal and Fiji)
  • Dhivehi (Maldives)
  • Dogri (Northern India)
  • Ewe (Ghana and Togo)
  • Guarani (Paraguay and Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil)

Pixel 6a price and features

Let us tell you that during the Google IO 2022 event, many new products have also been introduced, one of which is the mobile Google Pixel 6A, which can be priced around Rs 35 thousand. This phone has a 6.1-inch display. In which 2400×1080 pixel resolution is visible. Also, it is an OLED screen, which has a refresh rate of up to 60Hz. Although many other information about this mobile is yet to come, such as when will it be launched in other countries including India.

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