Google is going to make a big change in the privacy of Android apps, data collection will be limited

Google’s move will come as a blow to firms like Meta, which rely on putting their own code on the app to track customer behavior.

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Google has Android ad-tracking system (ad-tracking systemA multi-year initiative has been announced to fix this. The company said that it is developing a privacy sandbox (a privacy sandbox) to limit ad tracking on the Android ecosystem.Privacy Sandbox) is developing. Solutions to be developed under the Privacy Sandbox will limit the sharing of user data with third parties. Google has extended the privacy cover for apps on Android-based smartphones to limit data tracking on the Chrome browser. Google also said that it is exploring technologies that reduce the capacity for secret data collection, including secure ways to integrate apps with the Ad SDK.

Anthony Chavez, Google’s Vice President of Android Safety and Privacy, wrote in a blog post, “With Privacy Sandbox on Android, we aim to develop effective and privacy-enhancing ad solutions where users know their information is secure and developers and There are mobile tools for business purposes.” “When we design, develop and test these new solutions, we build them to support existing ad platform features for at least two years, and we will not make any changes in the future,” he added. Want to give notice before.

Developer preview will be released this year

The company also said that now developers will be able to review and share feedback from Google’s initial offers to introduce a privacy sandbox for Android. Google is planning to release a beta version of the developer preview and features discussed by the end of the year this year.

The data collected from the app will be limited

All this means that Google is developing a new set of privacy tools for its Android ecosystem that will limit the data app developers collect about users from their apps. This data is used by developers and companies to track user behavior in their apps, and sometimes in the case of other apps, to target ads to users. Google’s move will come as a blow to firms like Meta, which rely on putting their own code on the app to track customer behavior.

These tools will give users the option to allow or reject apps to track their data to deliver targeted ads. That is, the apps will have to take the permission of the user to keep an eye on their online behavior. These new tools are also expected to offer users control that will enable them to limit the amount of data collected by apps and the way it is used.

Apple has already introduced privacy tools

Apple introduced similar privacy tools last year. The company introduced the app tracking transparency feature with the roll out of iOS 14.5 last year. This feature forced developers to give users the option to allow or reject the tracking of their data on apps and websites. This option is given as a standard signal. If users tap on the ‘Give Permission’ option, the apps will continue to track the users as they did before the feature was launched. However, if users tap on the ‘Ask app not to track’ option, the developer will not be able to track customers using their data in their app. They will also not be able to see the data collected by other companies.

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