Giant python seen on man’s shoulder, this video is surprising people

It can be seen in the video that a man is going to the snake house carrying a heavy python on his shoulder. Everyone is surprised to see the size of this python, along with people are also sharing their reaction.

dragon seen on man’s shoulder

Very strange videos of snakes on social mediaOdd Videos) are seen. On seeing the snake, the human speaking stops. At the same time, fear comes in the mind of some. Let us tell you that whether the snake is small or big, everyone likes to stay away. However, now many people use snakes (snakes) for hobbies.Snake) have begun to follow. But experts say that it is very difficult to guess what will be the next move of the snake. Now the video that is being seen on social media is very dangerous. A man is seen in the video, on whose shoulder a big python is visible.

It can be seen in the video that a man is seen walking with a big python. Actually, in the video, a person is seen walking in a small bird house, along with this a big python is visible on his shoulder. The python is so long that half of it is on the ground and the mouth part is in the air. He is carrying the python as if one of the sacks is lifting. Further in the video, he takes a python into the room. Let us tell you that people are quite surprised after watching this video, together people are giving their reaction.

Looking at the person, it seems that he always lives with this snake. In the video, he is having fun with the snake. Now this video is increasing the beating of people on social media. This video has been shared on Instagram with the name ‘hepgul5’. Thousands of people have watched the video so far. Some people are finding this video very funny, while some are also surprised. Thousands of reactions are also being seen in the comment section of this video.

Talking about the reaction of people on the video, a user commented and wrote, ‘This video is from Indonesia.’ At the same time, another user wrote that the python can eat this person later. The third user wrote, ‘Python is far away, I should not keep a small snake’, many other users have written warnings in the comment box as well as called the python a lover. Apart from this, other social media users have shared their reaction by sharing emoticons.

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