GER vs JPN: Japan surprised former champion Germany, second upset in World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022 Germany vs Japan Report: Within two days, two consecutive Asian teams have surprised the two legendary teams of many times world champions.

Japan stunned Germany by scoring two goals in eight minutes in the second half.

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FIFA World Cup 2020: The kind of vicissitudes seen in T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia, the same situation is happening in Qatar. fifa world cup 2022 Happening in The title contenders and multiple-time champion teams have been thrown into disarray by the Asian teams. Still not fully recovered from Argentina’s defeat at the hands of Saudi Arabia a day earlier, Japan surprised everyone by defeating four-time champions Germany 2-1 in their very first match.

The Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar’s capital Doha was filled to almost full capacity. Everyone expected that Germany would deal with Japan with all its might. However, looking at the way Argentina had been victimized a day earlier, the possibility of another upset could not be ruled out. Especially when the Japanese team was more experienced and stronger than Saudi.

four year old memories

Eventually it happened there. Instead of a typhoon, a strong German team was brought down by a tsunami of Japanese attacks in the second half. It brought back bad memories for German fans at the World Cup in Russia four years ago, when defending champions Germany were knocked out in the group stage by South Korea 2-0. had shown the way.

lead from penalty

However, this was the first match of both the teams in this tournament. In this first match of Group E, the German team started as expected. In the first half itself, Germany showed a glimpse of its strong attack and attacked every day. However, he did not get the result because the Japanese defense strongly defended his fort. However, Japan gave a penalty in the 33rd minute, which Germany’s Ilke Gundoen converted without any trouble.

Japan’s counter attack was heavy

After this, Germany scored another goal on the basis of Kai Havertz but it was declared off-side. That is, in the first half, the German team was ahead with only 1-0 lead. In such a situation, he needed a goal in the second half, which forced the team to play more aggressively and Japan took advantage of this. The Japanese team defended wholeheartedly and then surrounded Germany in the counter attack. After a lot of efforts, he also got its good result and in the 75th minute, Ritsu Doan scored a goal and brought the team on par.

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Second upset in two days

Seeing the victory slipping out of hand, the German team intensified the attack but Japanese goalkeeper Shiichi Gonda also failed all their efforts. Then, taking advantage of one such opportunity, Japan took advantage of Germany’s defense in the counter attack and in the 83rd minute, Takuma Asano went to the very corner of the goal and gave the team the lead by dodging Germany’s captain and veteran goalkeeper Manuel Neuer with a thunderous shot. Gave and spread sensation in the entire stadium. The German team made a lot of efforts to come back, but it completely failed and for the second consecutive day, the World Cup was witnessing vicissitudes.

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