Gauhar Khan Twitter : Actress Gauhar Khan trolled due to her comment on Uniform Civil Code, said, I am a Muslim…

Gauhar Khan is known for expressing her opinion openly on every issue. Many times this attitude of hers has proved costly for her but still she does not back down.

Trolled actress Gauhar Khan

Actress on her social media account Gauhar Khan ,Gauhar Khan) Always express her views openly. Many times due to his statements, he gets trolled on social media.trolled) also exist. Recently, while replying to a tweet, he gave Uniform Civil Code (Uniform Civil Code) has also put its opinion in front of everyone. However, now the tweet by Gauahar (Twitter) It has now been deleted but the tweet to which Gauhar reacted sharply read, “The outside world does not know that India still has different family laws for Hindus and Muslims. “

Posted and tweeted on ‘Uniform Civil Code’

That tweet further read that “Hindus have to follow secular code but Muslims can have 4 wives and can ban education of their wives and girls in the name of ‘Shariah’. The Uniform Civil Code has to be applied to all Indians.” The user had also tagged the social media handles of PM Narendra Modi and PMO India in this tweet.

Know what was Gauhar’s answer

Quoting this tweet, Gauahar wrote, “Hey looser, I am a Muslim and no one can restrict us from our rights. India is a secular country, it is a democracy, dictatorship will not work here like you want. So be comfortable in your America, stop inciting hatred in my country.” Gauhar Khan has been trolled a lot by social media users for this tweet.

Gauhar Khan trolled

Responding to Gauahar’s tweet, Supreme Court lawyer Shashank Shekhar Jha said that “practices like Halala and Mutta marriage are also not right and since India is a democratic nation, such old practices should stop.” Gauhar Khan, who is being trolled badly after this tweet of Shashank Shekhar Jha, did not reply to her tweet but blocked her without giving any answer.

Gauhar Khan also spoke on Umar Riaz

Gauhar Khan, who is active on Twitter, has also tweeted on Omar Riaz’s exit from Bigg Boss 15, she writes, “Felt very bad for Omar. I wish he had a little restraint on his temper, kept coming for so long, I am sure if he is brought back it will be a good chance for him. Anyway, I hope that from next season, the person doing violence will be out already. That’s why no one should take the rules lightly.”

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