Funny Video: Ever seen such head-on ‘Tawa-Maar’ competition? You will be laughing after watching the video

Have you ever seen such a head-on ‘Tawa-Maar’ competition?

Image Credit source: Twitter

A funny video of this ‘Tawa-Maar’ competition has been shared on the social media platform Twitter, which is being liked by the people. This 42-second video has been viewed 1.4 million i.e. 14 lakh times so far.

There are many such competitions in the world, which surprise people. Like in America every year in July there is a very strange competition (Weird Competition), which is called the ‘hot dog competition’. In this, people have to eat hot dogs and the one who eats the most hot dogs is declared the winner. You will be surprised to know that thousands of people gather to see this competition. There are many other such competitions, which become a matter of curiosity for the rest of the world. There is a similar competition on social media nowadays. video viral ,Viral Video) is happening, which you will be stunned to see. Rarely have you ever seen a competition like this before.

Hitting someone on the head with a pan sounds like an accident or a physical attack, but a similar competition is being seen in the video that is going viral on social media. This is called a ‘panslapping contest’ (Pan slapping contest) is being said. In this competition, people are seen hitting each other’s head with a pan. In the video you can see that two people are sitting on a bench wearing helmets and trying to hit each other’s head with a pan. Eventually one of them is unable to bear the brunt of the pan and falls down from the bench. In this way he is defeated and the one who kills wins. The funny thing in this is that people are also watching this ‘game’.

Watch Video:

this funny video (Funny Video) has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with the ID named @RexChapman. This 42-second video has been viewed 1.4 million i.e. 1.4 million times so far, while thousands of people have also liked the video and made various comments. People are bursting with laughter after watching this video.

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