Funny Video: Boy’s nose hurt due to backflip

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram, which has so far received 22 million or more than 22 million views, while more than 8 lakh people have liked the video.

The boy’s nose was badly injured in the backflip affair

Image Credit source: Instagram

Till some time ago, different types of stunts were seen only in films, but now everywhere you will get to see such a person doing stunts. Especially among the youth, there is a lot of craze towards stunts. Although there are many types of stunts, but the craze of backflip is seen the most among the youth. Even hitting backflip is not easy, but people like it more. You will get to see many such videos on social media, in which people are seen doing various stunts ranging from backflips. Sometimes stunts also fail and people get hurt in this affair. One such video is very much on social media nowadays. viral ,Viral Video) is happening, seeing which you will be laughing.

Actually, in this viral video, a boy tries to hit a backflip, but the poor man gets hurt on his nose. In the video, you can see that some bricks are decorated and a boy tries to come down by climbing on top of it and hitting a backflip, but his balance gets a bit messed up. As he reaches down after hitting a backflip, his nose gets stuck in the brick and hurts, causing his stunt to fail and he falls. That is why it is said that any stunt should be done very carefully, otherwise a person harms himself.

Watch Video:

This funny video has been shared on the social media platform Instagram with the name naturebeautiful788, which has received 22 million views so far, while more than 8 lakh people have liked the video. At the same time, people have given different types of reactions after watching the video. One user has commented in a funny way, ‘The king is back with a broken jaw’, while another user has written, ‘Nothing left’. Similarly, many other users are laughing and laughing after making funny comments.

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