‘Tit for Tat’ is what goes with Bollywood Actor Ajaz Khan. This man was spreading hatred against Hindus but now talks about brotherhood. Ajaz Khan used to make ‘Tiktok’ videos as well as used his Twitter account to spread riot and threatened the whole of India to Islamize the Nation.

you also threatened to bring on rights in the country in one of his videos. in one of the videos.Ajaz Khan said we are 400 million Muslims living in India once we get down on the streets we will show you for this type of communal nuisance an apple was made to arrest him through social media. After which the Mumbai police arrested him.

Before his arrest, Ajaz Khan had threatened the administration, saying that he could do anything. But after his arrest, Mumbai police provided proper treatment to Ajaz Khan.Social media reported that Mumbai police had beaten Ajaz Khan. Ajaz Khan is out on bail now. But the tone of Ajaz Khan’s tone and approach has completely changed.

Ajaz Khan made a video yesterday praising Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. And now another video has surfaced where Ajaz Khan speaks of a Hindu Muslim brotherhood. It is said that this change has been made by Ajaz Khan for the brutal treatment of Mumbai police. Although many have called it Deception. Many claim that Ajaz Khan Deception is a result out of jail term, after taking bail from the court.

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