For the purchase of tobacco-cigarettes, the liver will now have to be tightened, know what is going to change regarding the rules

The government has issued a notification to change the rules regarding tobacco products. The government made it clear that strict action will be taken if the rules are not followed.

New warnings on tobacco products

The next time you go to the store to buy tobacco or tobacco-related products, it is possible that you will have to strengthen your heart to buy it. In fact, in the coming time, the warnings written on the products are going to be very strict and might give you a shock. So if you still Tobacco If you feel like buying the product, then that mind will have to be tightened. The government has changed the rules of the warning, in which the rules regarding the language and picture of the warning have been tightened, the new rules will be applicable from December 1 this year.

What will be the warning rules on tobacco products

The Union Health Ministry has issued a notification on the warning and new picture on the pack of tobacco products. The government is emphasizing on increasing awareness to prevent the spread of deadly diseases like cancer and to save people from them. This notification has been issued for this. According to the rules, a warning on the pack should be written as ‘Tobacco causes painful death’. This rule, applicable from 22 December 2022, will be applicable for the next one year. That is, this rule will be applicable to the products produced, imported or packaged after December 1, 2022. On the other hand, products produced, imported or packaged after December 1, 2023, will have a warning that “Tobacco users die at a young age”. The government made it clear that violation of these instructions would be a punishable offense. which is punishable with imprisonment or fine.

What is the rule of warning in India

There are rules regarding warnings in many products in India. All such products which may cause any harm to the customer are accompanied by a warning. Whether such products are related to food or investment. The purpose of the warning is to provide information about the risks associated with a particular product. Actually, this rule has also been made so that it should be ensured that no person inadvertently suffers from these products and while buying the product, he knows what is its loss and he can also prepare himself to deal with it.

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