Football Squares Guide: How to Use It and Have Fun

Sports betting is hitting a fever-pitch high in the US, and one social gambling form that predominantly was previously only popular in offices, football squares, has made its way online. Yes, with the widespread legalization of sports gambling across the US, there is now no shortage of betting alternatives for NFL games, and squares, a tried-and-tested method, is emerging as a mainstream wagering option that many gravitate towards, giving off a bingo-like vibe.

In other parts of the world, this gambling genre gets called pools, and they are pari-mutuel contests that are generally cheap to enter, which often encourages gamblers to put down several wagers per event. Going by historical records, they were an invention of the late nineteenth century, but only in the 1920s did they gain traction, first in England, for soccer/football. In the US, the concept got transferred over to American football wagering by implementing a squares grid, and it primarily got looked at as an entertainment boost for the biggest game of the year, the conclusion of a season in the National Football League, a match known the world over as the Super Bowl.

Below is a short guide on how to use football squares for the Super Bowl and the lucrativeness of this gambling method.

Football Squares Explained

Football squares use a grid layout of boxes, usually a 10×10 one, but for games with a vast number of participants, this setup can be more sizeable, making the rules a bit more complex. For simplicity’s sake, the explanation in this subheading regarding how squares betting works will stick to the 10×10 grid. In it, each box/square on the X-Y axis correlates to a score in an NFL game’s quarter. In this game, the championship match. Gamblers bet on a quarter’s score by picking a square. For example, selecting the 5-5 square on the 10×10 grid means that a gambler is picking the quarter to end with a score where the last digits of each team’s point total will be five. It can be 5-5, 15-15, or 25-25. Only one bettor can claim a box. And if his selection wins, he gets a share of the accumulated prize pool. How much depends on a pre-determined distribution schedule that gets transparently listed in the rules sheet.

In some football squares games, the organizer randomly assigns the squares to bettors, and others allow wagering on the end score instead of only quarters.

Is Football Squares’ Betting Legal?

It depends on individual state laws. In most US territories, football squares, when played amongst friends, get classified as social gambling and are not illegal. However, that is only true if no one is organizing Super Bowl or other NFL square games and making money from providing this service. Only sports betting operators can do that, as they have attained gambling licenses and are paying taxes on their accumulated profits. It is also vital to point out that it is not wise to set up football squares at one’s place of business, as it may violate employment laws. That could open up a company for civil suits or lead to staff getting laid off for organizing/participating in these games.

Are There Any Football Squares Strategies?

Not really. The primary approach is to focus on likely scoring scenarios. If a gambler believes a favorite can score two touchdowns in a quarter, he should bet on a square on a six or eight X or Y axis, respectively. Five is a number that rarely comes up in NFL games’ scoreboards, as it takes a unique set of circumstances to generate it. So it is best to avoid it altogether.

In essence, picking squares should consist of weighing the likely outcomes and projecting the likelihood of a team scoring a set number of points per quarter. While some may think that having robust data can assist in this, the truth is that chance plays the most massive role, and it is super hard to predict with any degree of certainty scores per quarter.

As a bit of trivia, the most common NFL score is 20-17. 27-24 follows in second place in this standing.

Where to Find Football Squares Online

Google Play has multiple dedicated mobile software pieces that facilitate fun for football squares. One app of particular note from this category is Contender from Moyer Software LLC. Yet, this and other app options are chiefly for fun-only choices. Those interested in real money play must hop over to a legit sportsbook like MyBookie to indulge in cash gambling fun if they hope to line their pockets with some actual dough by correctly guessing score squares.

Final Thought

Playing football squares can be an activity that enhances the enjoyment of NFL games, the Super Bowl included. It has a lottery-like feel and brings new thrills to the viewing experience. For security, it is best to partake in it at reputable online bookmakers only.

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