Fired employees of Twitter will create a new app, Elon Musk will compete

Employees fired from the Twitter firm are offering a social media platform called Spil as an alternative to the Bird app. Meanwhile, Musk is working with existing employees to build Twitter 2.0.

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Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, he has made many major changes in the company since then. Several thousand employees have been laid off and almost every other rule has changed. Meanwhile, users are also looking for other platforms. There are many alternatives to Twitter available and now two former Twitter employees are building another new platform. They are naming it Spill. Alphonzo Phonz Terrell and DeVaris Brown were both fired by Musk during mass layoffs in November.

Since then, both of them have been working on a social media platform named Spil and are presenting it as an alternative to Twitter. He said that the Spill app would act as a refuge for black creators of Twitter. Both the creators of the app said that it is a real time conversational platform, which puts culture first. Both the creators have also revealed its launch. Creators told that it will be launched in the month of January.

Among those fired by Musk during the layoff were: Terrell served as Twitter’s global head of social and editorial. Shortly thereafter he was fired by the new boss along with thousands of others. On the other hand, Brown worked as a lead product manager at Twitter. He was also fired by Musk during a massive layoff last month.

The Spill App was built like this: During an interview with TechCruch, the founders of Spill revealed that they had felt confined to being a black employee working at Twitter for the past few years. The founders said that they wanted to build a platform to bring forward black employees by creating more impactful content for their culture. This is how spill came into existence. He told that even before leaving Twitter, he was only talking to black women creators for the last several months. They were asking many types of questions to these creators that how do you earn your money, is there any platform supporting you, etc.

Terrell wrote in his post that Spill is for everyone, we are serving culture drivers who often set new trends, but are regularly overlooked and underpaid. He said that yes we mean black creators, queer creators and many influential voices outside America.

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Earning Opportunity for Users: The founders also revealed that the app will give users an opportunity to earn for popular posts. For this, they will use blockchain and will include a feature called Tea Parties, which will connect users online or in real life. Terrell said that this is not a web3 thing. But using blockchain is setting up a model for us to give credit to creators and monetize them. If they have a spill, which goes viral and we monetize it, then it will be really effective.

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