Find out how to choose the right undergarments for a saree

What do you wear under your saree? The undergarments you put on beneath your saree can either make or break your outfit. They form a foundation of how the overall outfit is supposed to look. Ladies prefer different types of undergarments to wear with their sarees.

The undergarments of a saree can make your body frame appear slimmer or broader.  We will discuss which undergarments go well with sarees and how to wear them correctly. Find out more!


If you want to appear slimmer in a saree, you can wear the shapewear. This helps you achieve a mermaid shape. It is a form of a tight skirt which is crafted using polyamide fabric that tends to hug the body. It targets certain areas such as the hips, waist, thighs and back to accentuate your curves.

For you to wear the shapewear well, you need to choose the right size. Most ladies assume that selecting the wrong size of shapewear makes them appear slimmer. Designers produce shapewear in specific sizes to fit different body sizes. Wearing the wrong size of shapewear can create unpleasant bulges on one’s body.

You should, therefore, choose the right size by taking measurements of areas such as the waist and hips as you shop for a suitable size. Remember to pick the right shade which is somehow similar to the color of your saree. A contrasting color of shapewear may look bad underneath a saree.

You should also wear a shapewear right. The targeted panels of your shapewear should hug your boy curves in the right places so that it contours your shape accordingly. They also come with a seamless waistband which is soft to prevent them from irritating the skin.

You can drape the saree around your shapewear comfortably since the waistband is sturdy to secure the pleats of your saree.  It is easy to move with the shapewear underneath the saree since it has a side slit on its hem.

Saree petticoat

Indians call the saree petticoat a Langa or Pavada. It is a form of underskirt which is a separate garment from the saree. It hangs from the waist and allows you to tuck the saree and pleats. If you choose to wear a petticoat beneath your saree, you should ensure that it is comfortable.

The saree covers your entire legs while the petticoat reaches your ankles. Most people wear petticoats beneath the saree to tuck the saree using its waistband. The petticoat also provides a base for the fabric of the saree and accentuates the way the saree looks. It also covers your legs underneath the saree and prevents the plaits of your outfit from sticking on your legs.

Designers make petticoats for sarees from different fabrics. During the summer, pick cotton or poplin fabric petticoats to wear with your saree. You can wear silk and satin petticoats with formal and semi-formal sarees.

Avoid picking contrasting colors for your petticoat since it can make the saree look bad. Feel free to carry your petticoat with you when shopping for a saree to help you match the colours correctly. Petticoats also come with different cuts.  You should choose a cut which suits the draping style of your saree.

For sarees that you wear on a daily basis, choose a line petticoat. A fish cut petticoat is suitable for sarees designed for special occasions. A simple petticoat can give proper shape to the saree. If your net saree is plain, you can add some sequins or embroidery on your petticoat. The ones that come with floral motifs and animal prints look elegant on chiffon sarees.


If you are not a fan of petticoats, you can also wear leggings under your saree. This can help you look slimmer than your actual size when you choose certain saree fabrics such as crepe or georgette. You can also pull off the Marathi style by wearing a pair of leggings beneath a traditional saree.

Ensure that the leggings are knee-length if you don’t want the pair to be visible underneath the saree. You should tie a pleated saree inside leggings since it has an elastic band. Tie the saree on the left hip then pass it around your back. Feel free to make pallu pleats at the other end of your saree.

If you want your leggings to be visible, you can wear a transparent saree. Though combining a saree with leggings looks nice, it can be a lot of work when you wear it for long since you have to keep on untying the saree and draping it frequently after bathroom visits.


You should also choose good quality innerwear to wear beneath your saree. You can use the elastic band of the panty to tack in some parts if you don’t intend to wear a petticoat. Ensure that you choose the appropriate colors of the panties to go well with the different materials of your fabrics so that the inner garment is not visible even when you wear light fabrics like chiffon.

The bra

Which blouse design do you intend to wear with your saree? This determines the kind of bra you should go for. The bra should support the breasts well and prevent them from sagging. If you choose a blouse that reveals some skin, choose a strapless bra so that no strings pop out of your outfit.

If you wear a top and saree that makes you look slim, you should put on a minimizer bra which can reduce the size of the breast. A minimizer bra also reduces how the cup size appears naturally. For cotton or silk sarees, wear a padded bra to make the nipples invisible. You can also flaunt an off-shoulder top for your saree with a demi bra which completes the outfit.

Final thoughts                  

Sarees look stunning when worn with the right undergarments. Visit Stylecaret and get all the relevant information you need regarding how to match your sarees with the right undergarments to complement them perfectly.

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