Fans furore in Cuttack, were furious at the condition of Team India against South Africa! VIDEO

Fans created ruckus in Cuttack during India-South Africa match

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After what happened in Cuttack, only dark clouds had surrounded the return of cricket here. This anger of the fans was provoked because of the condition of Team India in the series against South Africa.

Cuttack’s Barabati Stadium India and South Africa (India vs South Africa) Going to witness another match. After 7 years, both the teams are facing each other on this ground. But, before that you should know a news related to the nuisance of the fans. By the way, the incident of ruckus created by the fans on the cricket field has been seen many times. But, after what happened in Cuttack, the return of cricket here was clouded only by dark clouds. This anger of the fans was provoked because of the condition of Team India in the series against South Africa. His condition was slim.

The year was 2015 and the date was 5th October. Teams of India and South Africa were face to face in Cuttack that evening. This was the first encounter between the two teams on this ground. But, the very first encounter filled the audience with such anger that then that moment was recorded in the darkest chapter of Indian cricket.

Fans were furious over the condition of Team India

In that T20 against South Africa, Team India was reduced to just 92 runs. Indian players could not even play 20 overs. At that time, seeing this condition of team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the fans got furious and started throwing water bottles in the stadium. This incident happened 3 times during the entire match and each time the game had to be stopped.

Even if it was just that, it would have been fine. After the match, when the South African team started leaving for the hotel, the fans created a ruckus and created a ruckus. After this the team was taken to the hotel under tight security.

By taking lessons from the previous incident, this time the arrangements were solid.

Taking lessons from the previous incident, this time the administration has taken a lot of precautions. Spectators will be allowed inside the stadium with only sunglasses and mobile phones. Apart from this, there is a ban on carrying things like water bottles, lighters, helmets. At the same time, it will be mandatory for every spectator to wear a mask.

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International match is being played after 3 years at Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. Before this, the last international match was played here in the year 2019 between India and West Indies.

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