Facing recession itself, making fun of India’s growth, know what is the whole matter

A Spanish newspaper has published an article about India’s growth. However, there is a protest in social media about the manner in which India has been displayed in his presentation.

Spanish media mocked India’s growth

The thinking of the western countries about India from the old times is well known. Whenever India has done something special, the western countries, especially the media there, have not let any chance to make fun of India. Whether it is India’s nuclear program or the foreign media has given a chance to enter the top 5 economy, leaving Britain behind. India He has tried his best to downplay the achievement and made fun of the achievement. Once again the same has been seen when a Spanish newspaper has tried to make fun of India’s fastest growth. Indians have reacted strongly to this effort on social media.

what is this article

In fact, a Spanish newspaper has published a report on the front page about India’s rapid growth. The title of this article written in Spanish is Time of Indian Economy. However, a snake charmer has been used in the cartoon made in it. And that rope is shown growing in the growth chart. While sharing this article, the founder and CEO of Zerodha has written that it is good to see that the world is recognizing India. However, the way it is being presented is outrageous.

what is the matter

In fact, for a long time, the people of western countries used to call India as the country of snake charmers. With this, he used to try to show how backward and far from civilization Indians are. A large number of Western historians were trying to prove that India was a rude and backward country before they reached India. This fantasy of the countries of snake charmers was made to create this picture of India across the world. It is believed that a section of the Western countries have been giving similar reactions due to India’s growth on its own strength. There is a lot of opposition to the presentation of this article.

Such efforts have already been made

Earlier, when the Indian economy had overtaken Britain, then in some articles, India was repeatedly addressed as a colony of Britain. At the same time, in a BBC cartoon on the success of India’s Mars Mission, India was shown knocking on the door outside the Mars Elite Club with a farmer and a cow. There was a lot of opposition to this cartoon too.

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