Facebook Hacked Account: Facebook account has been hacked so don’t worry, recover in minutes like this!

Facebook Hacked Help: Recover your account when Facebook account is hacked.

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Facebook Hacked Recovery: The news of social media accounts being hacked keeps on coming. If your Facebook account is also hacked, then you can recover your account. At the same time, keeping in mind the privacy, you can also take other steps.

Facebook (Facebook) is one of the most famous social sites in the world. Here users stay connected with their family and friends. On Facebook, users share photos, videos, posts and stories. At the same time, in the age of information technology facebook account hack ,Facebook Hacked) cases are also being seen continuously. Let us tell you that Facebook is a very private platform for users and there is a risk of creating a serious situation due to account hacking. Vicious Cyber ​​Criminals (Cyber ​​CrimeHave the ability to hack Facebook account easily. If your Facebook account has also been hacked, then you can recover your account again.

recover your facebook account

Hacking Facebook account is considered very easy for hackers. Facebook accounts of many big personalities have also been hacked. That’s why some features are available on Facebook to protect users. By using these features, users can recover their account. If your Facebook account has also been hacked, then you can recover your Facebook account by following these steps.

  • If Facebook account is hacked, first of all change your Facebook password. However, the existing password must be remembered while changing the password.
  • To change the password, go to “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Now select “Password and Security”.
  • After that click on “Change Password” and change your password.

Quickly remove Unkown Device

Facebook also tells you about the devices where your Facebook account is logged in. To see the list of devices, click on “Password and Security” and go to “Where You’re Logged in”. If you see an unknown device here, then immediately delete your Facebook account from that device.

Follow these steps to log out from Unknown Device.

  • Open Facebook’s “Settings”.
  • Then select “Suspicious log in”.
  • Here you will see a list of logged in devices.
  • If you wish, you can logout from all devices at once.
  • If you want to remove Unknown Device only, then go to “Not you” option on that device.
  • After that click on “Secure Account”.
  • Here Facebook will show you some steps to follow to keep your account safe. Just follow those steps.

Also take help of support page

Facebook gives another option to keep your account safe. Users can also get help from Facebook’s support page. For this, users have to follow some steps.

read this also

  • Users first go to “Help and Support”.
  • Then click on “Report a problem”.
  • After this you can take help of Facebook by going to “Something went wrong”.

Get access again like this

Sometimes hackers logout Facebook user from Facebook account. In such a situation, users should go to Facebook.com/hacked. Here Facebook asks for the registered mobile number and then helps the users to use the account again.

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