Every employee of Twitter spends 32 thousand on lunch, Elon Musk’s shocking disclosure

After charging users for Twitter Blue Tick, Elon Musk is now preparing to charge his employees for free lunch as well.

Twitter Employees Lunch: See how much is spent in a year (indicative picture)

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Elon Musk has Twitter After taking over the reins of the company, he has taken many big decisions and now recently he also exposed the fact that the company was spending crores of rupees on the lunch of its employees. Twitter Blue Tick After charging money from users for Elon Musk Now they are preparing to collect lunch money from their employees. Let us tell you that till now the employees working in Twitter were given free lunch.

When people started criticizing Elon Musk for charging lunch money from the employees, he clarified that the cost of lunch per employee is very high.

Let us tell you that a former employee of Twitter said that every day every employee used to spend 20 to 25 dollars for lunch. He said that the attendance in the office also remains 20 to 50 percent but Elon Musk has denied the claims made by this former employee.

Explaining in detail on Twitter, Elon Musk said that the company spends about $ 13 million (about 1 billion (according to Indian currency)) per year for food for the employees working in the company’s office in San Francisco.

Earlier, Musk had claimed that the cost per lunch for 12 months is around $400 (about Rs 32,000). Hearing the cost of the lunch, no one would find this to be true, but Musk claims that he was making this claim on the basis of facts.

Elon Musk’s decision to charge lunch money from employees is not surprising, because after taking over the reins of Twitter, Musk has taken several major decisions to cut expenses. Musk showed 50 percent of the people the way out of the company and removed all the board of directors from the company.

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