Even a person sitting nearby in bus, train and metro will never be able to read personal messages of WhatsApp

how to hide private messages on whatsapp: A person sitting nearby in home, bus, train and office will not be able to read private chat. For this, a virtual curtain can be fitted on the screen.


Hide Whatsapp private chat: Instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsAppThe popularity of ) is not hidden from anyone. Many times, we do personal chatting at home, bus, train or office, which has to be hidden from the people sitting nearby. For this, users follow many measures, but today we are going to tell you about a special solution, after which the person sitting next to you will not be able to read your private WhatsApp message. To hide our message from the person sitting nearby, we can set a virtual curtain on the message of WhatsApp. With the help of this virtual screen, only you will be able to read the message. The person or family sitting nearby will not even be able to see those messages. Let us know how to use it.

An app named MaskChat-Hides Whatsapp Chat is present on the Google Play Store, which users can download on their Android smartphones. With the help of this app, whenever you are in a public place, do any private chatting on WhatsApp, then this app will hide the screen above your chat with a digital screen, so that the person sitting nearby will not be able to read your personal messages. Also, this app will prove to be helpful in keeping your message private.

Hide messages like this on WhatsApp

After installing this app on the smartphone, users will see a floating mask chat icon on the screen. In such a situation, when you want to put a virtual curtain on the screen of your phone, then you will be able to put it. This icon has to be dragged from top to bottom.

Brightness can be increased and decreased if needed

In this app, the darkness of the virtual curtain comes with a specified darkness, whereas if you want to increase or decrease the darkness then the thickness of the curtain can be increased. For this, a three-line option will appear on the right side of the virtual screen, click on it. With the help of the middle option, you can control the brightness of the screen. Also, to close it, you have to click on the cross icon.

Can also be used for other messaging apps

Can be used while typing banking password or while typing bank information. However, we do not guarantee how much this data is accessed. MaskChat – Hides Whatsapp Chat mobile application can not only be used for WhatsApp but it can also be used for users Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Hike and Snapchat.

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