Engineering Student Madhu from Karnataka’s Raichur Brutally Raped and burnt, But still the media is silent

In one side the whole India is busy with the election. All the Indians and Indian news channels busy with politics. But on another side, an engineering student from Karnataka’s Raichur has been raped and not only that after that she was burnt and hanged on a tree.

The girl Madhu was 24 years old and studying Engineering at Navodaya Engineering College. According to the report, it happened on 13 April and her body was found 3 kilometers away from her college on 16 April. The body was totally burnt and it was hanged on the tree.

Despite this tragic event happening the mainstream media of India is still silent. according to the report, at first the police of Karnataka said that it was a suicide case. Not only that they take lots of time to take just an FIR on it.

Recently the friends of Madhu raised their voice beside the Rahul Gandhi rally but they didn’t get any assurance. More than 120000 people made a petition online and then the Karnataka Police became active. the Karnataka police had arrested Sudarshan Yadav who was accused in this case according to Madhu’s parents.

The people of Karnataka made a candle march for the justice of Madhu but still, the state government did not take any good action on it. Probably the political leaders and the mainstream media is not giving importance as Madhu is not from the minor community.

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