Employment situation in the country improved, jobs increased by 18.4% in March: Report

With the impact of the third wave of Kovid-19 largely over and the economy slowly returning to normalcy, the job market achieved a growth of 18.4 per cent in March compared to the year-ago period.

The job market achieved a growth of 18.4 per cent in March compared to the year-ago period.

COVID-19 ,Covid-19 Pandemic, The effect of the third wave of (economy) With the gradual return of normalcy to the job market (Job Market) achieved a growth of 18.4 per cent in March over the year-ago period. According to a report by Allsec Technologies, travel, hotels (Hotel Industry) And with the better performance of the energy sectors, the jobs market in March 2022 has been very good. The travel and hotel sector registered a growth of 47.6 per cent in terms of employment this month as compared to a year ago. The increase in the number of employment in the travel and service-hotel sectors reflects the improving condition of these sectors badly hit by the Kovid-19 epidemic.

In the last two years, the travel and hotel sectors were hit hardest by the pandemic.

Changes positive compared to last year: Report

The report is based on data sourced from Allsec Technologies, a BPS provider that tracks employment trends across sectors. The report says that the overall change in jobs as compared to last year has been positive and several sectors have shown progress in the number of recruitments.

However, a comparison with the pre-pandemic data shows that the travel and hospitality sectors have still not reached the pre-Covid level. Both these sectors have shown a negative growth of 24.3 per cent in March 2022 as compared to March 2020. Despite this, it can definitely be said that both these areas are now on the path of recovery.

Similarly, jobs in the energy sector have increased by 41.5 percent as compared to March 2021. The energy sector has also surpassed the pre-pandemic level by registering a growth of 42 per cent in March 2022 as compared to March 2020.

Apart from this, let us tell you that according to the monthly data of CMIE, the unemployment rate in the country was 8.10 percent in February, which has come down to 7.6 percent in March. On April 2, this ratio further came down to 7.5 per cent. The urban unemployment rate has been 8.5 percent and for rural areas it has been 7.1 percent. Abhirup Sarkar, a retired professor of economics at the Indian Statistical Institute, said the unemployment rate is declining, but it is still very high for a poor country like India.

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