Elephant Viral Video: ‘Gajraj’ showed amazing power, fell like this huge tree in a few seconds

elephant shocking video

Image Credit source: Twitter

A video of an elephant is covered on social media these days. In which he is showing anger and is throwing down the root of a tree. After seeing which everyone is surprised.

Elephants are considered to be the most sensitive and intelligent creatures on earth. The power of this creature is unmatched. This is the reason why even the king of the jungle thinks ten times before messing with it. When they get angry, they create havoc all around. Not only this, sometimes they attack humans in anger and take their lives. Many times it is also seen that this creature uproots a big tree in a few seconds and throws it on the other side to vent its anger. these days the same Video has come to the fore. The one who fills an elephant with anger in the forest and then on seeing it goes near a tree and suffocates it by demolishing it.

In this clip you can see that an angry man is seen in the forest. To vent his anger, he grabs the tree with his trunk and tries to bring it down. After some time, Gajraj throws all his strength into making it fall, as a result it happens that the whole tree starts shaking and finally he succeeds. The tree is unable to stand in front of the elephant’s power and collapses on the ground. Seeing this amazing power of Gajraj, the users have also become convinced of him. At present, it is not known when and where the video was filmed.

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This video has been shared on Instagram account named waowafrica, which is now going viral indiscriminately and people are sharing it a lot on other platforms. One user commented on the video and wrote, “No one understands Gajraj ji’s problem, this anger is the result of him, while another user wrote, this is also responsible for the deferestion.” Another user wrote, Seeing this video, I understood why even the king of the jungle thinks a hundred times before screwing with it. Apart from this, many other users gave their reaction through comments on this.

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