Electric Car FAQ: If there is any question before buying an electric car, then you will get the answer here

Electric Cars: Questions and answers related to electric cars.

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The trend of electric car is increasing very fast in the country. But due to the new technology, many questions arise in the minds of the users regarding the electric car. Here we have brought you the answers to many questions related to electric car, battery, range, safety etc.

The demand for electric cars is increasing continuously in India. Users due to expensive petrol and diesel Electric Cars are turning to. Just as there are questions like mileage in the mind of users before buying a car running on petrol or diesel, similarly many questions arise in the mind while buying an electric car. At the same time, many days in the market new electric car are launched. In such a situation, many questions remain among the users regarding the electric car. Here we will address the concerns of the users by answering the questions that arise regarding the range, battery and safety of the electric car.

Question: How safe is electric car compared to petrol and diesel car?

answer: An electric car has to go through several stages of testing before it hits the market. Therefore, like a car running on petrol and diesel, an electric car also has to meet the set safety standards. Electric car does not have a fuel tank, so it is considered safer than other cars.

Question: How long will the electric car run on a single charge?

answer: Like the mileage of the car, the range of an electric car is also the biggest question. The range you get on a single charge depends on the specification of each electric car. On the other hand, if we talk about a mid-range car, then such an electric car can travel a range of 180km to 450km on a single charge.

Question: How much will the electric car battery support you?

answer: The battery is the most important part of any electric car. The car gets power from the battery itself. Talking about the life of the battery, usually electric cars have lithium-ion batteries, which have good performance for 10 years. Rest, it depends on the users how they use the car and the battery.

Question: Are electric cars really more eco-friendly?

answer: If we compare electric car with petrol and diesel powered car, then it is clear that electric car is more eco-friendly. Cars that run on petrol and diesel generate a lot of carbon emissions. At the same time, electric cars run without fuel and generate very little carbon emissions.

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Question: Why is an electric car so expensive?

answer: The main reason why electric car is expensive is its battery. Electric car batteries are very expensive. Anyway, the electric car market is still an emerging market. Compared to petrol and diesel, there is not much competition in the electric car market. With increasing competition, the technology of electric cars will also become cheaper.

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