Edible Oil Price: Edible oil is getting cheaper, these companies have reduced the price, the effect will be seen on the price from next week

The price of edible oils started decreasing.

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There is a decline in the price of edible oil. First Mother Dairy cut the price of edible oil sold from Dhara brand, now Adani Wilmar has cut the price of edible oil sold from Fortune brand by Rs 10.

Giving relief from inflation, the central government cut the import duty on the commodity, after which edible oil ,edible oil price) is seeing a decline in the price. FMCG company Adani Wilmar (Adani Wilmar) has cut the price of cooking oil by Rs 10 per liter. Adani sells edible oil under the brand name Wilmar Fortune. The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of one liter pack of Fortune Refined Sunflower Oil has been reduced from Rs 220 to Rs 210. Similarly, the MRP of one liter pack of Fortune Soyabean and Fortune Kachchi Ghani (Mustard Oil) has been reduced from Rs.205 to Rs.195. Packets with new prices will reach the market soon. The company said that this reduction in oil prices is due to the reduction of import duty on edible oils by the central government. Angshu Malik, Managing Director and CEO, Adani Wilmar said, “We are passing on the benefit of low cost to our customers. We are confident that lower prices will also boost demand.

Earlier Mother Dairy cut the prices of its edible oil by up to Rs 15 per liter. Mother Dairy has said that the prices of edible oils have come down in the global markets. In view of this, the company has decided to cut the prices of edible oil. Let us tell you that Mother Dairy sells its edible oils to the stream (Dhara Edible Oils) brand. Mother Dairy has reduced the price of one liter Dhara Mustard Oil (Poly Pack) from Rs 208 to Rs 193 per litre.

Dhara brand has also cut the price

Apart from mustard oil, one liter of Dhara Refined Sunflower Oil (Poly Pack) will now be sold for Rs 220, earlier it was priced at Rs 235 per litre. At the same time, the price of one liter of Dhara Refined Soyabean Oil (Poly Pack) has now been reduced to Rs 194, from Rs 209 earlier.

Dhara brand has deducted up to Rs.15

Mother Dairy said in a statement, the maximum retail prices (MRP) of Dhara edible oils are being reduced by up to Rs 15 per litre. This reduction in prices is due to recent government initiatives, reduced influence of international markets and increased availability of sunflower oil. With the new MRP, Dhara edible oil will reach the markets by next week.

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Increase in production of mustard will bring down the price and decrease

After Indonesia lifted the ban on palm oil export, now its supply has started increasing in the country. Along with this, the import of sunflower oil from Russia has also started. Meanwhile, another relief news has come for the consumers on the edible oil front. Due to which the prices of edible oil are expected to fall further in the coming days. Research by Origo E-Mandi states that this year mustard production could be a record 11.5 to 12 million tonnes. While the production of mustard oil is estimated to be between 4.4 to 4.8 million tonnes. This is more than 28% from last year. Due to this, the price of mustard oil can be reduced significantly. In the year 2021-22, this will be possible due to more cultivation of mustard.

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