Earthquake shook the ground in ICC U-19 World Cup, strong tremors lasted for 20 seconds, yet the match continued, watch video

The cameras on the field started shaking loudly and the match commentators were also surprised, but the players did not know anything and kept on doing their work.

This strong earthquake occurred during Zimbabwe’s batting, but the players did not even know. (Photo: Ireland Cricket)

Rain is common during cricket matches. Occasional sand storms have also been observed, but earthquakes occurred during the match. (Earthquake in Cricket Match) Come on, this has never been heard before. But it has happened and that too in West Indies. (West Indies) ICC Under-19 World Cup being played in (ICC U-19 World Cup 2022) During the match. Surprisingly, the ground was shaken by the earthquake, the cameras of the stadium were shaken, but the players did not know at all and the match continued. All this happened on Saturday 29 January in the play-off match being played between Zimbabwe and Ireland Under-19 teams. This incident of earthquake was caught on camera and now this video is going viral.

In the Under-19 World Cup, the play-off semi-final match for the 9th place was played between Ireland and Zimbabwe in Port of Spain on Saturday. Zimbabwe team batted first in this match. This incident of earthquake happened during Zimbabwe’s innings. The sixth over of Zimbabwe’s innings was going on, that suddenly there was an earthquake in the Port of Spain ground. The players were not aware of this and the bowler bowled his ball without any realization, which the batsman played easily.

The field kept shaking for 20 seconds, the players remained unknown

However, the camera installed on the ground for the live broadcast of the match did start moving. Very strong tremors were felt for about 20 seconds and the camera kept moving rapidly. At the same time, the commentators doing the commentary of this match also confirmed this and said that the commentary box was shaking completely and they felt as if the train had left behind them. However, the players did not realize it.

After some time, Ireland Cricket also confirmed this by tweeting that there was indeed an earthquake. According to the tweet, there was an earthquake of 5.1 magnitude near the coast of Trinidad.

Irish bowler gave strong shocks

It was a matter of relief that no damage was caused by this earthquake, nor did it have any effect on the competition. Zimbabwe completed the innings without any trouble taking 5 wickets. However, Ireland bowler Muzammil Sherzad definitely shook Zimbabwe’s batting with his medium pace. Muzammil took 5 wickets for just 20 runs in 7.4 overs and Zimbabwe’s innings was reduced to just 166 runs.

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