Earth day: What we can do to save earth save life

Earth day: save earth save life

As we know every year 22 April we celebrate Earth Day in order to environmental movements started in the 1970s. But it is most important how can you make this day friendly and in favor of the environment. There were so many eco-friendly ways to celebrate World Earth Day…
First of all, we have to know what’s the importance of this day. Earth is the only planet in the universe having the life and it’s our duty that how we can maintain this for our coming generation. Some of the important ways to celebrate this day are…..
1. Less use of polluting vehicles- As we know, today’s vehicle is the most important part in traffic and its usage is increasing day by day so that the problem of pollution is arising and it is necessary to reduce the use of them to reduce the problem. So, It is necessary that we should minimize the use of vehicles and use them at the exact time or as required.
2. In order to keep the environment pure and clean, plant trees should be planted as much as possible, so that the green greens of the environment always remain and we use it well.
3. We should reduce the harvesting of tree plants and must be planted on this day every year so that we can maintain a balance in the environment.
4. The importance of this day should be propagated and people should be educated so that they understand the significance of this day in the earth.
5. We should minimize the use of electrical energy and do it as per requirement because it is a very big factor in global warming.

One day of our everyday life can play a very important role in environmental protection.

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