Driving Tips: Never make this mistake if your car gets stuck in water, otherwise there will be a lot of damage from engine to gear box.

Follow these five tips while driving in waterlogged areas.

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Driving in Flooded Areas: Roads filled with water are visible everywhere during the rainy season. There is a risk of water getting into the car due to waterlogging or driving the car in water. This can also damage your car. Follow these tips to drive in such conditions.

According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon will knock in Kerala in the next few days. Although the monsoon rains give relief to the people from the heat of summer, but it also causes waterlogging on the roads.Waterlogging) also causes. Waterlogging, potholes and dirt are common in the country due to the poor condition of roads and poor drainage system. in these circumstances driving It is very difficult to do. If the car gets stuck in the water once, then it can become a big problem for you. In such a situation, to avoid any danger, follow these five tips and drive carefully.

Avoid waterlogged roads

As far as possible, driving on waterlogged roads should be avoided. However, some companies claim that their SUV car can run in a certain depth of water. But most cars are not even made to run in more than half a foot of water. Therefore, before walking on such roads, talk to the people passing by, take help of Google Maps and keep an eye on traffic updates.

just keep going

If you have to travel on waterlogged roads, then it is better to keep driving non-stop in the water. During this, suddenly increasing the speed or applying brakes should be avoided. In these conditions, taking care of the speed, driving from first to third gear should be done. If the car stops in stagnant water, the risk of water entering the car’s intake or exhaust will increase. Therefore, driving should be done without stopping in the water.

Do not restart when the car is turned off

If your car suddenly stops during waterlogging, avoid restarting it. Due to water pressure on the connecting rod of the engine or water filling the intake or exhaust, the car can also stop midway. If you restart the car immediately, then a lot of damage can be done to the engine. Therefore, if the reason for the car shutting down is the engine, then drag the car and bring it to a clean place.

Don’t panic if you get stuck in the car

When the car gets stuck in waterlogging, the water pressure on the car doors increases a lot. In such a situation, it is very difficult for the people trapped inside the car to open the door. However, in these situations, you do not have to panic, rather try to open the car door by pushing with both feet. Apart from this, try to break the door window of the car with a solid object because it is more difficult to break the windscreen of the car.

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drain water from brake

After exiting the waterlogged road, use the brakes to remove the water that has accumulated in the car. Applying the brakes of the car will help to remove the water that has accumulated in that place. The accumulation of water makes it difficult to apply the brakes. This problem is more common in a car with drum brakes. Anyway, most of the models sold in India have rear drums. That’s why this tip must be used.

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